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This is a wiki I made to archive all the various information about Kawaii Heavens' RPs. We have created worlds, ever expanding lore and I thought that it'd be essential that we store this somewhere. Feel free to use this as a reference source, resume, etc.


Operation XIII has started…
I'll do what I can should ever I am idle during the Final Battle and I'll see the results to decide the next course of action.

I'm going to change the layout of things occasionally from here on so expect to see slight visual differentiations.

Article about the Fate/Sixth War RP has just been made! A big thanks to Stratocaster for that.

Sorry, Varian Empire, but the Mecha RP has officially become the longest article…ever xD!

Alright, I'm going to try to get this wiki mostly done by the time Mecha RP Phase 1.5 starts!

Hahah, I've forgotten all bout updates. Just telling you that the site is still running and that you can expect to see a lot of progress (but not as much as before since I am hailed with work).

Article about Mecha RP has been made. My decision was correct. Of course, since this is the hottest RP and has the most crazy lore, It'll be quite fun.

I can't do it…I think the Fantasy RP doesn't motivate me enough. I'm going to stall it for now and work on another RP to see if things get better

A month passed, hasn't it? I'll stop using vacation as an excuse and get to work. Otherwise, this site will never be done XD!

Stratocaster is now officially a wiki staff.

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