An 4NG3L is a mutant creature created by Laig Scarlet in the Bar RP. They were once humans that were taken and genetically modified into deformed monstrosities with supernatural powers. Laig believe these to be angels (hence the naming) and sends them out to fulfill his bidding. Although the creation process of an 4NG3L has only been hinted at certain points, it has been revealed that energy from dark angels is part of the formula.

Breeds of 4NG3Ls

Alpha 4NG3L: The first breed encountered by Mike. They have large extendable caws that can reach great distances, are extremely agile and have the ability to regenerate cells at an alarming rate. They have pale, greenish skin and three eyes aligned vertically to the left of it's face. When it opens it's mouth, it reveals two sets of jaws. It's whole body was covered in warts. It has also been known to bobb it's head, creating an eerie cracking sound.

Beta 4NG3L: A deadly breed of 4NG3Ls that leave their victims decapitated in the blink of an eye. It is a stealthy 4NG3L that moves so fast, it's impossible to see it. It strikes at foes so fast, it made Dark Angel Kai believe it was the work of an anti-movement field. It is quadrupedal like a gorilla. Its nostrils are fused and located where a normal person's forehead would be. Eyes are replaced by folds of skin and it's lower jaw is rather huge, having the shape of a tortoise's jaw. It's skin takes the exact color of what is behind it, rendering it nearly invisible. It uses echo-location to search and destroy.

Gamma 4NG3L: This breed of 4NG3L has the ability to separate and regroup it's cells, allowing them to literally teleport. Using this method, they could avoid nearly any attack. They resemble (appearance wise) the Alpha 4NG3Ls but have scythes instead of claws.

Soldier 4NG3L: The ideal combat 4NG3L, the soldier breed has the characteristics of both the Alpha and the Gamma in addition to a tough hide.

Cherubim: Extremely powerful 4NG3L with the ability to stop time around it while it itself is able to move. It can use this ability to get past defenses without even being seen and kill people while they are in stasis. Celestial beings are unaffected by it's abilities. The most inhuman and grotesque looking of all 4NG3Ls, it has three faces: on the right is that of a man, on the left is that of a woman and in front, four red, glowing eyes are accompanied by jaws of sharp teeth and a long, thin tongue that drooped down. It's spinal cord was on it's body's exterior and has long pointy spines. It's four legs were like that of a spider with immense blades instead of hands.

Necro Cherubim: Often referred to as "the Colossus", it is a grotesque mutation created with the corpse of the Cherubim when it went in contact with Object 1209's radiation and became a mound of rotten flesh. Weighting 15 tons, it was several meters tall and had twice the length (an estimated 5x120). It had twelve wings and worm-like creatures crawling in and out of it's flesh. It is able to remain operational even after taking an insane amount of damage (Ex: it's head can still move and work even after severed). Its blubber-like body acts like a cushion against projectiles, making it extremely hard to kill. Its weak point, like the gunslinger girls, was its eyes.

Mechanical 4NG3L: Created by Uendi, these are mechanical versions of the Soldier 4NG3Ls. They have four dragonfly like wings that glow and have an arsenal of weapons such as hyperthermal detonators. They have the ability to clone themselves in battle and can create a barrier around them that slows movement (allowing them to ground projectiles to a halt). This field can expand itself to great distances. Unlike organic angels, which used melee attacks, the mechanical 4NG3Ls pops out various firearms which it shoots. They are also equipped with a personal cloaking field. A different version of them have been seen with Dodici.

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