65 is a character from the Bar RP.


Along with Alto, she is a Gunslinger Girl: a physically enhanced (through bioengineering) and mentally conditioned girl trained to wield firearms and become an assassin. She is the 65th Gunslinger Girl produced by the association of organizations that included her own (hence her name). She excels at marksmanship and sharpshooting, prefering to keep at a distance from her target. The girl has been known to use a large variety of weapons such as rifles, submachine guns and bazookas. Her main weapon is an Ex-USMC M14E1 with added picatinny rail eqquiped with a custom modernised M76 grenade launcher attached. She also carries various other attatchments for this weapon depending upon the mission detail including the M6 Bayonet, M2 Bipod and a TS-30.xx series Leupold Mark 4 day scope and an AN/PVS night vision scope. Her sidearm is a standard issue M9. She serves as Stratocaster's protector and compensates for his melee specialization with her ranged attacks. She was thought to not show any emotions, as if she was simply programmed to do her missions. However, she had been progressively doing so and proved that she is able to show some just like any other girl. She is roleplayed by Stratocaster.


Very little was told of 65's origins but it is clear that she had been given high mental conditioning and training. Her "older brother" (fratello-wise) was never mentioned as she arrived with Johan, Alto's "older brother". She was dispatched (by Mike) to aid the warriors at the bar to fight off the 4NG3Ls. They were left on their own as Johan had business that he needed to take care of. They were both assigned to a person as a protector. the Gunslinger chose Alto, leaving 65 with Stratocaster. Due to her enhanced ocular vision and superior agility, she was able to detect weaknesses and fight back most 4NG3Ls. When the Cherubim was defeated, the radiation caused by Object 1209 turned it into a grotesque mound of undead flesh. When the colossus sent Alto crashing through the window, the usually emotionless girl went berserk (proving that she could show emotions) and blew a hole in its neck.

After the event was over and Dodici was defeated, she received the unexpected visit from the rest of the Gunslinger Girls in her organization (who were without their "brothers" as well). They've been sent to investigate Object 1209 and as the days went by, strange murders of the girls occur, prompting an unrest, especially within 65. Finally, as an innumerable army of mass autocloning mechanical 4NGELs assaulted the bar. The girls were sent to the cellar to protect the fragment of the object. 65 followed on unquestioningly but she was in for a big surprise. As a flash of radiation emitted from the fragment, the girls started going berserk and paranoid. 65, who was not subject of the radiation, was forced to watch the girls murder each other. After the bloodbath was over, 65 couldn't take it anymore. She was too shocked by the recent events and couldn't take it in anymore. She went berserk in her turn and assaulted Alto. The later calmed her down by gently stroking her in the hair while holding her in a tight embrace. She walked up, half conscious and, exhausted by all the drama, quickly fell asleep. Still oblivious to what had befallen on the organization, she woke up and joined the fray as demons infested the church. She then accompanied the rest of the group that ventured into the Oblivion Plains. Following the massacre of the organization, what is to become of her has yet been decided.

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