"Over half of her body is made out of carbon frame, carbon fiber and artificial muscles but she's my precious little sister." -Mike, while introducing Alto to Karen


Alto is a character from the Bar RP. Along with 65, she is a Gunslinger Girl: a physically enhanced (through bioengineering) and mentally conditioned girl trained to wield firearms and become an assassin. Ranked second in her organization, she specializes in close quarters combat. She has hip-length brown hair and a cheerful and outgoing personality. Her weapon of choice is a Fabrique Nationale Project 90 submachine gun (FN P90) though, like 65, she has been known to use a large variety of weapons such as an MP44 and an unnamed sniper rifle. She is Mike's adoptive sister and is quite protective of him. She is roleplayed by Shinkirou.


Alto is the 2nd highest ranking Gunslinger Girl in her organization. By the request of their newest client, Mike McClowsky, she and 65 (another girl in her organization) were dispatched to fight off the 4NG3Ls in the bar. However, Johan, her "older brother" (Fratello-wise) was unable to stay due to urgent events. She was assigned as Mike's protector and was devoted to her task. Due to her enhanced ocular vision and superior agility, she was able to fight back most 4NG3Ls. However, even some of them, she could hardly take on such as the Cherubim. She was powerless against the Messiah and the Hex-Chimera.

After the event was over and Dodici was defeated, she received the unexpected visit from the rest of the Gunslinger Girls in her organization (who were without their "brothers" as well). They've been sent to investigate Object 1209 and as the days went by, strange murders of the girls occur, prompting an unrest. Finally, as an innumerable army of mass autocloning mechanical 4NGELs assaulted the bar. The girls were sent to the cellar to protect the fragment of the object. Alto is starting to notice something amiss and is beginning to suspect Dr. Sonata. She cautiously decides to stay a distance behind. This proved to be a life-saving decision as, not long after, the gunslinger girls were exposed to the object fragment's radiation. This caused them to become paranoid and berserk and, soon, the girls were all slaughtering each other. All were killed save for Alto and 65 (who was not exposed to the radiation). However, the traumatizing scene caused the later to break down and start going berserk in her turn. Alto calms her down by gently hugging her, being stabbed in the process. She then glared with anger as Dr. Sonata, revealing herself to be a bioalchemist by the name of Uendi, stepped down. Right as she was ready to tear the girls from limb to limb, Shinkirou arrived to their rescue.

Later, Alto, accompanied by Shinkirou and Mike, went back to her organization to report of the tragedy. Upon arriving, she found everyone in it dead but also that they've been so for a long time. Shinkirou concluded that Uendi had been manipulating their corpses and had been controlling the organization all this time. A sorrowful Alto struggled to retain her tears which turned out futile. As they were walking home, the girl, having been silent due to the trauma, finally spoke up asking of where she should go now. Mike offered her to go with him and be his little sister, much to her surprise and joy.

As the church was assaulted by the waves of demons, Alto joined Mike as they saved Karen from being killed and destroy the first set of gates. They introduce themselves before starting to storm through the building. Regrouping with Stratocaster and 65 they head for the last gate which the paladin reveals to be indestructible. Only by removing the sigil stone will they be able to shut it down. Alto joins the group that ventures into the Oblivion Plains.

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