“The Ansagarians are truly a race to be feared. Where else in the world can consider its entire populous to be its army? We must rethink our current plans to conquer the north, my lord.” -General Alabander to Emperor Sebdian II (305 PU)

Ansagaria is a location in the Fantasy RP. It is the largest and most militarily powerful of the Countries that make up the Varian Empire. It covers nearly the entirety of the Far North Region.

People and Culture

The Ansagarian people are tough by their very birth and a healthy warrior culture means that its citizens grow up strong of arm, quick of mind and course of tongue, both boy and girl. They share characteristics similar to those that may be found in the people of Nógrhamr. They retain the greatest sense of self and are largely unchanged culturally since before they were incorporated into the Varian Empire some 4500 years ago.
They tend to favour leather, hide, fur and tartan for their clothing and the men customarily wear kilts and cloaks, the women, thick dresses bound at the waist with cord belts and at the neck with broaches. They have developed a natural resistance to cold and bear harsh weather with no complaint. They tend to enjoy their ale and are generally of good humour but are not to be crossed.

Towns, Cities and infrastructure

Ansagaria has the most towns and cities of any country in the Empire, however they are also the smallest on average. Claighie lies in the northern foothills of the Cambor Mountain range in the northeast. The Capital, Ansagaria, lies more centrally and to the southwest of the mountain range and is the smallest capital city in the Empire. The port town of Haghathia lies on the tip of an outcrop of land to the northwest and vies with Claighie for the title of ‘Northernmost city in the Empire’ , it provides the principal trade routes with Nógrhamr. Sernenagh lies on the eastern coastline and provides trade to the distant Kingdom of Zhakia and also provides the Far North link in the Empire’s ‘Spine of Trade’. The cities of Jorarn and Vandr lie to the south.

Ansagaria is distinctly lacking in large scale industry or paved roads. In fact, Ansagaria has seemingly remained mainly unchanged in appearance for many hundreds of years with well-worn dirt roads, wooden, thatched houses and palisade fortifications around towns. Only the fortifications and the city of Ansagaria itself have stone walls. These defenses are kept fully up to date.

Ansagarian towns and cities are relatively small. Most of the population lives in small hamlets and villages scattered throughout the land. Within these settlements clans keep themselves largely to themselves, though skirmishes or even all out war can flare up between clans from time to time. It is said to be this clan warfare that keeps the swords of Ansagaria sharp and their warriors keen.


Ansagaria has 4 castles, one to the north, one guarding the road to the south that passes between Kresium and Farnal. Another two guard the Eastern shoreline. It has two fortresses: One being the most northerly settlement in the Empire, the other protecting the port town of Sernenagh to the East. Ansagaria also hosts one of the three great Citadels of the Empire, which lies in the southwest .


The Ansagarian people are born warriors and both boys and girls are taught how to fight with and without weapons from the day they are able to run. Boys are taught to wield the traditional weapons of Ansagarian Clansmen. The two handed Claymore sword, the one handed broadsword, targe and dirk and also the spear and pike, though to a lesser extent. Girls are trained to be proficient with the bow and also the spear and targe. Commonly this education is the responsibility of the father of the family.

Ansagarian warriors prefer to wear leather armour and chain mail covered with thickly folded tartan. They are also remarkable for the blue war paint they insist on marking their bodies and faces with before battle. The entire population owns arms and in the words of the Istelian General Alabander to Emperor Sebdian II (305 PU) “The Ansagarians are truly a race to be feared. Where else in the world can consider its entire populous to be its army? We must rethink our current plans to conquer the north, my lord.”

In battle Ansagarians are renowned for their bravery and brutal ferocity. The highlanders provide a large portion of the recruits for the Empire’s armies. Ansagarians make excellent frontline melee infantry though are best suited as shock troops, charging in on mass and driving enemies to rout through fear. They are also noteworthy for their near complete lack of cavalry, with not even Nobles entering battle on horseback.

The continuing clan rivalries are ancient in many cases and clan warfare is a constant threat. The Emperor Jansion IV once grew tired of this unrest within his otherwise peaceful Empire and tried to bring a stop to it. However his efforts all proved unsuccessful. Subsequent Emperors have recognized that this is something that simply must be and improves the Ansagarian soldiery rather than making the country weak. As was shown in the Pre-Unification wars the Ansagarians can and have rallied to one banner in times of need, thus setting aside their differences for the sake of their country and now their Emperor.


Ansagaria has a very decentralized population and so only the wealth of the towns cities and forts has ever been counted. Ansagaria is arguably one of the poorer countries within the Empire in this respect, however its people have little want for gold as they have been capable of crafting all they need to live from the raw materials around them for millennia.

Hunting and sheep and cattle farming in this country provides meat for not only Ansagaria but also the rest of the Empire to some degree with countries in the Upper Midlands providing the rest.

The large areas of forest here provide the Empire with wood and many Ansagarians make a living as lumberjacks.

The majority of Ansagarian men make their money through joining the Varian Army or as mercenaries.

Social Hierarchy

Along with all countries in the Varian Empire, Ansagaria has a High Lord at its head along with his three deputy Governors. Below these come the Mayors of each city and town. The next most influential men are the Elders of the many clans, each Elder is only as influential as his clan’s fighters however. The near family of these Elders could be considered more powerful than the rest of the clan. With no real want of riches, none in Ansagaria are considered poor. With every man woman and child being part of an extensive clan and with each clan sharing amongst themselves, none go hungry alone.

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