Archer Class

Class Introduction

The Archer class is one of the seven Servant classes which may be summoned in order to fight in the Holy Grail War. A heroic spirit summoned into this class gains the ability to see and thereby successfully target their foes over vast distances, however their defensive abilities are somewhat diminished. The Archer class is widely considered to be a dependable class, particularly due to their dominance at range coupled with superior senses and the ability to hold their own in close-combat, albeit less well than certain melee orientated combatants.

The Archer class is one of the three 'Knight' classes, the others being Saber and Lancer. The Archer, represents the traditional bowman image, and is the knight of the bow and arrow. Servants summoned into this class usually are either famed for their marksmanship, wield a legendary bow or carry a cursed arrow.
Notably, most Archer class servants have higher than average luck, required for perfect accuracy, and, perhaps surprisingly, significant mana reserves. However they often lack endurance and strength when compared to some other classes, also their agility is decidedly mediocre.

Almost unique to the Archer class, and by far their greatest advantage, is the skill 'Independent Action'. Through this, servants of this designation are able to both act while separated from their master and/or severed from their master's mana supply. Where this skill reaches masterful levels it may even be possible to remain in this world, and fight, without being bound by contract to a magus. Although the duration of this effect is very limited.

Class Skills

Independent Action: Allows for the servant to act without a Master's guidance and sustenance for a limited time. At higher ranks it may be possible to linger in the current timeframe even without a contract for a short while.

Magic Resistance: A passive skill, common to all 'Knight' classes and The Rider. It is the ability to nullify the effects of magic by effectively cancelling out the spell used. The rank of this skill is an indicator of what level of spell must be utilised to overcome this effect. For example, an A ranked spell cannot harm a servant with Magic Resistance Rank A. However an A+ ranked spell would be sucessful.

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