Blessed Isle

The Blessed Isle is a location in the History of the Fantasy RP.

Long ago, before the Empire was even thought about, before even the Elven race emerged in the world, all the continents of the world were one. And at the very center of this giant continent was a raised plateau. Atop this plateau Mother Nature made her home. From here she oversaw the development of her world and directed the efforts of her nature spirits.

Eventually, as the continents began to break away from the central mass, the raised plateau dropped into the sea and became an Island off the coast of one of the larger continents, Varia. From here Mother Nature watched over her world for many further ages. The Elves came and rejoiced at the beauty of this Island. They were aware that the power of the Nature Gods flowed strongest of all here and they named it 'The Blessed Isle'.

After the Elves faded, Mother Nature required new physical stewards. The Alpha created the first two humans on the Blessed Isle itself. Because of this the Island was sacred to the Human race for many millenia and its people were always the wisest and most in tune with nature as if they had been nurtured by Mother Gaia herself. It was from the Blessed Isle that Gaia chose her champion. The boy named Valerin. She gave Valerin the task of bringing peace to the world, in time, his kin would succeed in this for her… though at a price.

Sometime during the long wars that led up to The Unification Point, men forgot the importance of the sacred island. The Emperor Sebdian II had a great city built in his name upon the island and so ruined the balance and beauty of the flora and fauna there. As the city grew and grew Gaia was forced to leave the island and flee under the ground. She was distraught that her chosen people could do such a thing to her, but there was simply nothing she could do against stone and steel.

So it was that the Blessed Isle ceased to be the Blessed Isle and became Galea.

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