Caster Class

Class Introduction

The Cater class is one of the seven Servant classes which may be summoned in order to fight in the Holy Grail War. A heroic spirit summoned into this class gains unparalleled improvement to Mana capacity and output and thereby Magical attack and Defence. In payment for this, their physical skills are diminished to an equally dramatic degree. The Caster class has several advantages over other classes, including, but not limited to their ability to potentially observe the course of the war remotely and plan effectively as a result, but also provide the only appreciable threat to the Archer class servant at range.

The Caster class is one of the four classes not given the prefix of 'Knight', the others being Berserker , Assassin and [[[Rider]]. Caster, representing the traditional image of the cloaked wizard or witch , is known as 'The Magus' and servants summoned into this class usually are either famed for their skill in magical arts or are able to wield powerful magecraft through some other means, such as the possession of an enchanted wand or staff. Usually Caster class servants have the highest Mana ranking of any servant in any given Grail War, this is due the cumulative effect of the buffs associated with the class, and the individual's natural disposition for magecraft. On the other hand they almost invariably score lowest on strength and are frequently slow moving in comparison to the other 6 classes. They can be considered fragile at best, but, when powerful magic is combined with effective tactics and just a hint of foul play, the Master of Caster can be confident of victory.
It should also be noted that the Caster class may seem rather absent from the early period of any given Grail War. However it can be assumed that they are far from inactive, but simply preparing their battlefield so that those who stray onto it will be forced to fight on their terms. The Class skills Caster has allow for this.

Class Skills

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