Dark Angel

"Dark angels refer to either as dark winged angels, or it can be a masterless essence. Example, the dark angel of death. Death is an inescapable but delayable essence, not a character with black wings on a horse or with a scythe looking like the grim reaper." -Dark Angel Kai's lecture on dark angels.

All angels are created by a wish: wishing for healing will result in healing angels, wishes of fortune will result in angels of fortune, wishes of love will result in cupids, etc. A dark angel, not to be mistaken for a Fallen Angel, is an angel created by the corruption of such a wish. So, when a wish for blessing becomes warped, it creates a dark angel of malediction. Thus, dark angels are the direct anti-thesis of angels. Unlike demons or angels, dark angels are not lawfully bounded and, thus, have no limiter on their powers or forms. This makes them extremely powerful.

Notable dark angels

-Dark Angel Kai/Dark Angel Kai (Bar RP version)
-Dark Angel Orven
-Dark Angel Rinna
-Dark Angel Necros
-Dark Angel Chronis
-Dark Angel Hiak
-Dark Angel Atzor
-Dark Angel Jormun

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