Dark Angel Hiak
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Hiak is a villain in the Bar RP. He is one of the 5 highest ranking Dark Angels and is most notorious for his murder of 15 other of his own species. He deploys a wide variety of instruments to aid him in his fights (similar to Uendi). He has six wings, as black as the night sky and powerful claws. He is roleplayed by Irvine and Kai.


Hiak arrived in the bar, seeking to kill Dark Angel Kai and claim Object 1209 for the sake of Laig's project. He believed that Dodici would not be able to benefit from the project but rather that he would. By collecting the Object, he thought that he would be given a share of the Messiah's control of Time-Space.

He arrived at the bar, disguising himself as a suited man and conversed with the group there, blending in while secretly analyzing his foes. He waited for the majority to rest before striking at Kai. However, it turned out that the rest of the party only rested their eyes and did not fall asleep. However, Hiak was not to be so quickly disadvantaged. Even while fighting multiple foes, he overpowered his adversaries. Stratocaster summoned the Blessed Boxcutter of Kaede which was sharper than any sword and sliced a great wound upon Hiak. The Dark Angel was used to pain and blew the knight away. He then countered Kai and pinned him to the ground, paralyzing him with an instrument. He was then tackled by Shinkirou who stalemated him because of his extremely high defense but poor offense. However, this tie was broken as Hiak drew out a cursed switchblade with the ability to knock out an enemy by contact. This forced the angel to use his seraphim wings (revealing his nature) amd to rely on speed. The angel later willingly took a blow from the cursed blade in order to blast a hole in the dark angel's abdomen with an incomplete Final Spark. However, Hiak still stood due to his tolerance for extreme pain. He moved on to finish off Kai but the later had recovered due to Object 1209. The two disappeared to duel in a secluded place. Before any fight could occur, though, Kai shoved a bottle of Shark Killer into Hiak's mouth, forcing him to drink the alcohol and collapse.

Hiak later crawled back to Laig's base for some regenerative serum but the mad doctor, claiming him to be an eyesore, killed him using his electrobolt.


"Now, shall we do this like gentlemen or like drunkards."

"Well then I apologize if I disappoint you. However, I assure you that you will think differently."

"Is this it? You have zeal but you lack the power to defeat me!"

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