Dark Angel Kai (Bar RP)
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Kai is a character from the Bar RP. He is the renegade dark angel of destruction and, in result, is quite destructive in nature (he likes breaking things and tends to leave a mess). He has four wings which can be used to stab opponents. He has regeneration but it is different from the one used by Shinkirou (it is mass cellular proliferation instead of auto-recovery). The ability to freeze time at a cost is also available. He is quite fond of Shark Killers although his large consumption of alcohol has another explanation. The drunkard seems to be suffering from long term amnesia. He is the Bar RP incarnation of Dark Angel Kai.


Not much is known about the origin of the dark angel. Kai once destroyed the celestial fortress of EDEN and, after being caught, his powers were formed into shards known as the Objects. Branded as a traitor, Kai became a vagabond and quickly drowned (not literally) himself in alcohol.

One day, the dark angel stumbled upon the bar (in which the story takes place). He drags Irvine in and forces him to get drunk. Looking for a fight, he is quick to cause ruckus within the place. Two policemen come to arrest him but they are knocked out. After the gunslinger kills his targets (and injures one), Dark Angel Kai goes to deliver the Coup de Grace, incinerating their remains. A furious bar owner marches in and the two have a long argument. Later, when the 4NG3Ls attack, Kai gives the gunslinger a head start at fighting the mutation. He then later kills three of the creatures. As the Necro Cherubim is slain, Kai picks up a piece of Object 1209 which implants itself within the dark angel.

Other dark angels target Kai, trying to kill him for various reasons. Corrupted by the influence of Dodici, for a better rank, Cronis is the first to die trying to kill the dark angel of destruction.Wanting a share of Laig's future command of time-space, Hiak later appears, proving to be a far more challenging opponent. Kai is paralyzed by an instrument his opponent is carrying but it's effects are cut short as he becomes empowered by the object. He then defeats his enemy by forcing him to drink a shark killer bottle and get a hang over.

The group is later visited by Shaia, a valkyrie who reveals Dodici's plot. She seems to have known the dark angel in the past but Kai does not remember it (due to a high dosage of shark killers). She reveals that Kai was branded as a traitor and that he drank alcohol to escape reality. The Dark Angel of Destruction later teams up with Dark Angel Skine and Dark Angel Orven to defeat the puppetmaster. Kai kills Dodici by stabbing him multiple times, ending the battle.

As the gunslinger girls mover in to investigate the object fragment and the murders begin to occur, Kai is the first one to suspect Dr. Sonata. He was right as she eventually revealed herself as the puppet mistress. Kai then reveals that he was once responsible for the destruction of EDEN. His powers were taken and became the keys to the fortress. Should it come back to existence, his being would go berserk. Holder of Object 1209, Kai is becomes the only thing stopping Uendi from restoring (and commandeering) EDEN.


"Thou who has no name shall be erased of existance" -Upon killing one of the three criminels on Mike's blacklist

"Hmph.. not too shabby for a gunner boy"

"Come on everyone, have a drink: We just kicked a world dominator's tooshy."

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