Dark Angel Necros

Dark Angel Necros is a character in the Dark Angel RP. Skeletal yet not frail in appearance, he is the dark angel of pestilence. He has four wings (and flies like a dragonfly). He has dark-grey hair. When in combat, he wears gothic armour. When disguised as a human, he wears a navy-blue coat. He wields a sword attached to a black chain. Necros was once an alchemist named Alfred Rowan during the Renaissance period. He studied plagues and discovered diseases that no one ever knew of. He had exceptional lifespan because of advanced alchemy. However, he died as the diseases he had stored up were all unleashed at the same time. No one, not even himself knows how he became a dark angel but he has been spreading pestilence ever since. He is known as the "Defiler". He is roleplayed by Shinkirou.

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