Dark Angel Orven

Dark Angel Orven is the highest ranking of the dark angels and is a character in both the Bar RP and the Dark Angel RP. He is the dark angel of Corruption and is roleplayed by Dark Angel Kai.

Bar RP

Orven was one of the few dark angels to resist the influence of the puppet master, Dodici. He was an enigmatic Dark Angel that is somewhat passive compared to the rest. He was always off somewhere doing God-knows-what. In fact, many thought that he was nothing but a rumor. He was also known to be extremely powerful and could power the Messiah for an eternity. Never having exceeding lust for power nor income, he was more strong minded than the others. He appeared when Dodici betrayed Laig Scarlet and slew Dark Angel Jormun by stabbing him in the back. The weapon alone generated enough power to end the life of the dark angel. He then joined the group in the assault against the Hex-Chimera and left shortly after.

Dark Angel RP

Orven was originally named Eric Corin who was in a war against a small village, but had been shot by one of his own men. Angry and vengful Eric pledged to get his revenge even at the cost of living forever in a cursed life. Eric had been corrupted and became the dark angel of corruption, Orven.

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