Dodici is a main villain in the Bar RP. He is a strong warrior and powerful warlock by the title of the puppet master. The man had skill with weapons and magic but his true power was in speechcraft. Younger brother of Uendi, he is notorious for his ability to convince people to do his bidding (hence the name). In fact, he once almost managed to convince Valkyrie Shaia into killing her own master. He has a strong influence over dark angels and has the ability to create dimensions (as well as summoning things from other dimensions such as timechs). His name means "12" (whereas Uendi means "11"). He is roleplayed by Irvine Yottacaliber.


Dodici was once a companion of the Valkyrie Shaia until he turned into the side of hatred. Since then, he had been secretly trying to manipulate his "comrades" into doing his dark work. He tried to convince Shaia into killing her master and nearly succeeded before she snapped to her senses and realized Dodici's true nature and of his dark scheme. What happens after that is unknown.

Following the great disaster that occurred in Laig's base, Dodici found the scientist conducting experiments on his own (since all the others died). He then offered his aid and became the Doctor's assistant. Unbeknown to Laig, Dodici had been plotting to use the Doctor for his own needs and planed to betray him.

The warlock entered the bar to check the mettle of the warriors inside. He let in several of his dark angels (Hiak and Cronis) which were all defeated. He retreated back into the base to witness Laig Scarlet's insanity. As the Messiah neared completion, Shaia showed herself to the party at the bar and revealed Dodici's plot. Dodici had control over most of the five most powerful dark angels (Orven, Skine, Jormun, Hiak and Cronis (although Orven and Skine resisted his influence)) and planned to unleash the Hex-Chimera. Using a red capsule (origins unknown) and the incomplete Messiah as a decoy, he prepared to unleash the beast. However, knowing of his plan, the group infiltrated the dimension where Dodici was making his preparations and engaged the monster. The Hex-Chimera proved impossible to defeat. However, the Dark Angel of Destruction, Kai, challenged Dodici and stabbed him several times, which resulted in the death of the warlock. The dimension collapsed soon after, killing the beast.

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