EDEN is a location within the Bar RP. It was once a celestial fortress before it was destroyed by Dark Angel Kai. Restraining the rampaging dark angel of destruction back, the celestial beings captured and divided Kai's powers into 1210 crystals which were, as time went on, known as the objects. These "objects" were created for two reasons: suppression of the destructive power and also to be keys for the fortress, which became the sealing place of the Lost Technology: technology deemed too deadly to be allowed to exist. A seal was placed on the corpse of the fortress that was buried deep within the ground (where the bar in which the story takes place will eventually be built). Once the 1210 objects are used to break the seal, Kai's powers will return and grow back to their berserk states. The puppet mistress, Uendi has been seeking the restoration of the fortress as well as the forbidden Lost Technology sealed inside.

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