Edward Mcdowell

"…I can’t understand how this came to be, but you can’t be who you think you are… you just can’t…" -Saber

Profile: Edward Mc Dowell
Date of birth 26th October
Age 17(18 post 464)
Nationality Born: British(Scots)
Occupation None (Gap Year)
Title(s) The Wandering Apprentice, Heir to the Wallace Clan
Known relatives Father: Robert Mc Dowell
" Mother:Lucy Connelly
" Siblings: None
" Ancestor: William Wallace
" Birth Parents: Unknown
Other Self Edward Wallace
Abilities Basic Proficiency in Magecraft
" Practitioner of Kendo, European Medieval Martial Arts
" Self Taught: Judo, The Bruce Tegner Merthod of Self Defence
" Trained intensively in the use of the Claymore by Saber
Servant Saber (Pre 500)
" Post 500: None
Command Spells 0/3- Disqualified
Image Pending…

Edward Mc Dowell

Edward Mc Dowell is a character from the Kawaii Heavens Fate/ Stay Night- 6th War RP or Fate/ Sixth War Remake Roleplay in the Fate/Stay Night series originally by TYPE MOON.

His Birthdate is the 26th of October 2008 and his blood type is O. His height is 5'11" or 180cm and his weight is 176 pounds or 80kg.
A relatively new sorcerer hailing from the Highlands of Scotland. Edward has no family history concerning magic and discovered his gift quite by accident, about two years before the beginning of the 6th Holy Grail War. Currently he has finished compulsory education and is taking a year out to further study magecraft, that was, until he became drawn into the 6th Holy Grail War. He is stubborn yet chivalrous in nature, generally introverted, he often wears a frown. He may not be the best tempered or most social of people but he has a good heart. He summoned the Saber Class servant. He has 2 Command Spells remaining at present.

Edward Mc Dowell is Role Played by Stratocaster.


Born to non-magi parents of apparently non-magical lineage Edward was greatly surprised one day to discover his apparent ability in magecraft. He first performed sorcery quite by accident when practicing kendo at his local club. His practice partner was hitting much too hard for practice sparing and so, somehow Edward managed to disarm his opponent without even touching the other shinai. This act was followed by an unusual sensation in his left shoulder. Upon investigation Edward found his glowing Magic Mark. After this event Edward set about gathering all the information he could about who he was and the mark on his shoulder.

Eventually he came upon a fellow sorcerer in Aberdeen, his hometown. This man was the representative for the Mage's Association in Aberdeenshire and the only other Magus in the area. This man promised to teach Edward as much as he could, though being a low ranking mage his understanding was limited and his power weak. Therefore, by the time Edward had completed Compulsory Education he had also completely exhausted his mentor's knowledge.

Unsatisfied Edward decided to take a year out from education in order to seek out more answers to his ever-growing list of questions. Using his newfound abilities he convinced his parents that he was leaving on a year-long, fully planned and booked French exchange trip. Having done so Edward headed for London, hoping to seek out the headquarters of the Mage's Association. However despite weeks of searching he could find no trace of the association. Giving up on London he made his way across the channel into Europe.

On his travels through France and Spain he learned a little to further his cause but it was not until reaching Italy that he heard stories of a wise mage who lived in a cabin, high in the mountains of the Alps. He learned that this old sorcerer was once the head of the Italian branch of the Mage's Association. Intrigued and keen to find a true mentor Edward set off into the mountain range. After spending several weeks gaining the old Mage's trust, the secrets of the art of magecraft were finally bestowed upon Edward in exchange for doing chores and running errands.

Having trained under the old master for several months Edward finally came to move on in his journey one day, when an owl flew in thorough the cabin door. The bird carried a leather pouch that contained a letter to the old sorcerer. It turned out to be from the Mage's Association, bringing news that the Tohsaka household had withdrawn from the upcomimng Grail War and thus his new apprentice was to become a replacement master in the next Holy Grail War. So it was that Edward was sent to Japan under strict orders to return once the war was over… alive.

Upon arriving in Fuyuki City Edward found himself a small apartment on the edge of the city centre. From here he proceeded too learn, from various sources, as much as possible about the Holy Grail War Holy and its history. His primary port of call was the Tohsaka residence, who's master he was replacing, there he found that the lady of the household was willing to educate him on the basic rules and such like.

After learning that the summoning of a servant generally requires an artifact linked to the heroic spirit Edward felt drawn back to Scotland. Upon arriving in his home country he headed to the Wallace Monument in Stirling. Once there he went to the chamber of the ancient 'Wallas Sword'. Edward was full aware that the sword was probably not, in fact, that of the great hero it’s said to have once been wielded by. However over the many years it has without doubt, become that blade non-the less and would serve his purposes perfectly.

Laying his hand upon the glass cabinet Edward was able to use what he had learned of tracing sorcery to produce a carbon copy of the relic, display case and all, back in his flat in Fuyuki City. The copy would be of poor quality but would serve well enough, Edward knew, to summon William Wallace as a servant.


Despite having had only a year and a half's worth of training Edward has shown decent talent for magecraft and has gained some proficiency in most areas. He has shown particular skill, beyond his level of training, in creating magical shields and barriers. Seemingly possessing some natural gift in this area of magecraft.

Other notable skills involve his proficiency in the more advanced reinforcement and imaging sorcery. Normally this skill would not have been taught to one of so little experience, however, upon learning that his disciple was to enter the Holy Grail War , the old master in the Alps was reminded of the successes of the previous Grail War Victor and had heard tales of how useful these skills had proven to him. Wanting to give his student every advantage possible in the short time they had, Edward's master devoted their remaining time to learning basic Gradation Air sorcery. However time was short and Edward has only a relatively fragile grasp of the complexities of this discipline

The most recent technique Edward has acquired was taught to him by Rin Tohsaka. She offered to pass on to him her favoured offensive spell. Gandr (See Rin Tohsaka Wikipedia article ). Edward has since developed his own variation of this technique and unlike Rin's, involving the rapid fire of single fin shots from the index finger, Edward builds up energy in all five fingertips on his right hand before releasing them simultaneously. Due to the multiple shot, slow firing nature of this skill Edward has dubbed it 'Shotgun'.

So far the only skills Edward and his master have been able to glean from those recorded in his magic mark have been a simple wound closing spell and 3 forms of shielding. The first produces a bubble around the caster which flows from the palms of both hands. This shield is relatively weak but provides decent protection from physical and magical harm. It's incantation is : "Gucag Targaid" ( Gaelic for Bubble Shield)

The second can be generated from the back of the left hand. This produces a relatively small but sturdy shield resembling a physical shield and functioning in much the same way, though only effective against physical objects such as weapons. It's incantation is simply "Targaid" (Gaelic for Shield or Target)

The third, he has the least mastery at. This shield is produced from the palm of the right hand and may be used to encase both physical and weaker magical projectiles in a bubble which may be held and thrown. Edward’s mentor suspects this may be mastered for counter offensive use. It's incantation is "Lub Targaid" (Gaelic for Snare Shield)

Subsequently, whilst exploring his thurmaturgical crest alone, within 'Stirling' , Edward was able to learn two new spells:

The first allows the user to create a sword and shield set out of mana. Both take on an etherial appearance being largely transparent yet defined in blue magelight, the shield is all but identical to that of the 'Targaid' spell, the sword is short, around two feet in total length with an apparently leaf shaped blade, similar to early celtic designs, it is not very powerful but is a handy offensive weapon and as a bonus it can be used to wear down magical barriers unlike purely physical weaponary. Due to its magical nature the blade and shield are very resistant to physical objects but far less so to magecraft and will disintegrate if attacked with magic. The incantation is: "Am claidhaemh agus targaid a feumach" ( Gaelic for A sword and shield for the needy )

The second will summon a Claymore which was forged in the sixteenth century in Scotland at the behest of the Wallace clan. The sword was then wrapped in spells and these then fixed t the blade by engraving magical circuts into the steel in the form of Ogham script. When activated, by running mana through them, these circuits activate the spells that were placed on the blade. Mainly these are numerous forms of magical sheilding and preservation, this consequently turned an ordinary sword into an almost indestructable blade capable of defending against Noble Phantasms. The blade was given a final rune of preservation which would always be active and the prevent the blade form deteriorating or rusting with age. The blade was then buried deep underground somehwere on the isle of Skye. From there it can be summoned by any member of the Wallace clan able to use magecraft. The blade, using this incantation will appear hilt upwrds from the ground at the summoner'd feet, ready for them to wield. The incantation is: "Gairm claidheamh mòr suthainn agam" ( Gaelic for Summon unto me, the eternal greatsword. ) The sword when activated is probably equivalent to a D rank Noble Phantasm.

Role so far

At the beginning of the Sixth Holy Grail War Edward has already moved into his apartment and has been living in Fuyuki city for several weeks. On the night of fate he gathers together all of his claymore swords along with the all-important trace of the Wallas Sword. Laying these swords on a summoning circle Edward successfully summons William Wallace as the Saber Class servant. The two make their contract quickly and both seem to get on well from the start. After the summoning Edward and Saber decide to stay low and remain indoors until events truly begin.
This turns out to be a lucky strategy as they become the only master and servant that Lancer cannot spy on through his Raven scouts. Thus William Wallace's identity remains concealed. For now at least…
Sometime during the night, Lancer unleashes a warband of the Einherjar upon the sleeping citizens of the residential town. Sensing distress Edward is woken from his sleep and witnesses the assault on the townspeople. This brutal killing of the innocent was well enough to draw Edward and Saber out of hiding and into the streets. The Master and servant engage the Einherjar and slay some of them. But before the fight is done the Einherjar make an organized retreat.
Edward and Saber follow the retreating ghost warriors all the way to Ryoudouji Temple. Upon reaching the hill summit the Einherjar disappear, but instead Saber and Edward meet, and are introduced to, Berserker , Archer and their masters. Soon Assassin and her master also arrive, similarly drawn by the inhuman tactics of Odin and his master.
It is then that Eilhart von Einzbern and Lancer make their appearance. Odin introduces himself by name, thus forcing Saber, a true knight, to return the favour and so Saber's identity is revealed to all whom are present.
Following this brief dialogue a fight ensues between the weaker servants and the mighty Lancer. During the fight Edward realizes that there is very little he can do as an apprentice magus. He is barely able to throw up a shield to defend himself from the mighty noble phantasm of Lancer before he is blown away, losing track of his servant in the process.
The following morning Edward wakes up to find himself in a forest. Saber has survived also. Eventually the two head of back to the apartment. Edward is troubled by the strength of Lancer and resolves that a truce of the 6 other masters will be the only way to defeat Lancer. Subconsciously over then next few hours from this point he makes the realization of this truce his main and only objective.
In the remainder of the day that follows Edward forces his servant to buy and wear a set of modern-day clothing to allow them to move around without arousing suspicion. He also reveals that he knows exactly what Saber wants the Holy Grail for.
After waiting for dark Edward feels that he is missing out on the action and so sets out with Saber to investigate the thus far unseen Rider and her master with the hope of beginning the truce-making process.
Drawn to the site of a large explosion of light Edward discovers that Eilhart von Einzbern is attacking Rider and her master Ramias Hidalr . After Saber moves in to help Rider against Odin a bfeif misunderstanding occurs as Rider suspects Saber to be another enemy.However Edward explains their intentions and thus Saber and Rider buy time against Lancer as Ramias, Rider's master, returns to his ruined apartment in order to retrieve his Alchemy books.
He returned just in time to save Rider, who had been separated from Saber and struck down.
Just as Ramias and Edward try to make their retreat, Eilhart traps them within his reality marble, an Icy unforgiving world. All Edward can do is watch as the duel between Einzebern magus and Ramias, fledgeling alchemist unfolds before him. He uses his bubble shield to protect himself and the two servants, similarly powerless in this situation.
To survive here it becomes obvious that the alchemist would require fire, though the conditions prevented the kindling of flame. However within Edward's bubble it was warm and dry. He and Ramias utilize this micro climate in order to launch a flame attack at the cryomancer. Eilhart is able to defend against this but is then forced to exit the reality marble as he senses the presence of Caster's spirit of fire approaching their position. Eilhart and Lancer leave leaving Edward and Ramias to deal with the spirit. However the mighty presence soon fades, seemingly more interested in Lancer than Saber and Rider. The exhausted servants and masters , two no longer having any accommodation, return to Edward's flat, there they eat, wash and rest. Before long Ramias and Rider feel called to leave and Edward and Saber sit a while alone and ponder the upcoming battle.
The next day Edward and Saber set out to scout the city in the hope of furthering the truce effort. It is when Edward walks into a pedestrian shopping area that he sees a cloaked girl cowering in the street, an ever weakening magical barrier defending her from the assault of another cloaked figure wielding a katana. He calls Saber forth to defend the girl from the killer blow and the assassin is thrown off. As it turns out the assassin is none other than the actual servant Assassin albeit seemingly changed. Other masters and servants arrive on the scene and join the fight against Assassin. They dispatch Edward and Saber on a mission to hunt down the master of Assassin . However before they can get far the fighting stops and so they return to the scene to join in the peace offering towards Assassin.
Assassin gives no concrete answer and simply leaves. The gathered servants and masters are then left with the dilemma as to the hundreds of spectators who witnessed the fight. By rights they should be killed so as to preserve the secret of magecraft, however the group manages to pass the whole thing off as a high tech movie shoot. Apparently 21st century citizens will believe anything is possible with technology.

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