Eilhart von Einzbern

"From our arsenal, we have pulled our strongest weapon, history's strongest master. Eilhart von Einzbern; he will smite the enemy, pour their blood on Tohsaka's land, eliminate them without mercy and dispatch unconditional death to all who oppose us. So long as he exists, the core of the Einzbern shall never be shattered; its ice shall never melt. He shall send the adversaries back to cower in their pitiful shadows. And then, all will know that the Holy Grail belongs to its rightful owners, the Einzbern." -Jubstacheit von Einzbern

Name: Eilhart von Einzbern (エールハート ヴォン アインズベルン)
Age Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Location of Birth Einzbern, modern Germany
Nationality German
Hair Colour Dark Blue
Eye Colour Gold
Height 171cm
Occupation Magus, Overlord
Title The Frozen King
Affiliations Einzbern, (formerly) Magus Guild
Known relatives Every single Einzbern to have appeared thus far
Hobbies Research
Favorite Colour Blue
Likes The cold, winter, stars, magic, studying of magic, tests of his intelligence, intelligent people, obtaining knowledge, honor, pride, dignity, nobility, etc
Dislikes Heat, non-magic users, warriors, mongrel, scum, libertines, rebels, traitors, lack of knowledge, bright spaces, etc
Abilities Complete mastery in every field of magic
" " The ability to create magic circuits
" " Adequate wielding of the knife
" " The ability to learn things extremely fast
" " Things that are required of nobility
" " Espionage, interrogation, tracking, counter-intelligence
Servant Lancer
Command spells 3/3

Eilhart von Einzbern, also known by the title of "The Frozen King", a character from the Fate/Stay Night series of RPs, is the supreme overlord of the Einzbern castle and one of the greatest magi to have ever lived. He is the 5th Einzbern to receive the title of Duke and their 1st King. He now lies on Einzbern's Hidden Throne, behind the primary throneroom where Jubstacheit sits and is revered with near deity like respect. Although having mastered all fields of magic, he is considered a cryomancer due to his preference of ice magic.


Eilhart von Einzbern thinks very mechanically, akin to a computer. He is stoic, taciturn and cold, reflecting his cryomantic tendancies. He is calculating and pragmatic, always accepting reality and analyzing things. He is perfectionist, preferring to execute his tasks with precision and efficiency no matter the method. He has full mastery over physics and magic to the point where he views everything around him in mathematical and arcane formulas. Eilhart sacrificed many things, including power, and worked his way to the top. He thus believes that one had to work hard to obtain power, that effort is rewarded in power and looks down on those who are weaker, as he considers that they have not worked hard enough.


War with the Lich

Eilhart was born in a time forgotten by history, in the time when gods and mythical beasts were common. He and her sister grew up in the castle of Einzbern, built on a mystical land constantly coverred in blizzards, isolating it from the rest of the world. There, he was taught the strict discipline of nobility and schooled relentlessly in the arts of magic, in very much the same way a spartan would be introduced to war. At this time, the castle was at war by a massive undead army lead by a powerful, unnamed lich. The situation was dire, and they could no longer withstand the siege. Powerful magics were cast, but the lich could not be surpassed. For every undead killed, there would be five more that would rise; every spell casted was countered with an even more powerful one. The reigning Duke at that time decided that they had to no option but to reawaken the Beast of Einzbern, though that was not an easy task. The summoning process was a hard and delicate task, and to control it for even a few seconds required more mana than one would store for a century. Eilhart was called upon, as the heir to the Duchy, to take on this endeavor, but the result was vain. However, Einzbern had a trump card. Eilhart's sister, whose name had been lost in history, was born with the power to perform miracles. Aye, even in a world of magic, what she was able to do marveled scholars from around the globe. Said to have powers that trespass on the territory of Yhwh himself, she carried the True Magic known as Heaven's Feel and was able to harness Heaven's light to perform incredible feats. In an elaborate ritual process, she became the scapegoat in a sacrificial summoning of the Beast of Einzbern, extinguishing her life to be the fuel on which the dragon would run on for fifteen minutes. But that was enough: in less than ten minutes, the creature completely decimated the enemy forces, evaporating their bones and turning them into sheer nothingness. The war was over, the Einzbern emerged victorious, but to Eilhart, there was nothing but defeat. Realizing how little of significance he was, and that there was far more for him to learn, he relinquished his nobility, his title, and disappeared from Einzbern.

The Magus Guild

At the time, there was a Magus Guild, different from the modern Magus Association, that centered on the research of Magic and hunting down Magus that broke the law with their magic. Eilhart began frequenting their various academies, learning every single spell to perfection, in a unquenchable hunger for knowledge and power, and ranking the top in every single facility. This was the beginning of the true magus within him as he is kindled with a zealot-like passion for magic, to alter the laws of physics with the use of mana. He became a flawless magus: intelligent, agile, calculating and could recite almost every single spell there was without fault. But that was not enough for him. As soon as he finished his studies, he became an associate within the Magus Guild, soon becoming their powerful agent that would execute their bidding with impeccability. He hunted rogue magus, imposed their will worldwide, and quickly rose throughout the ranks. During that time, he spent his awakening moments locked up in the facilities of the Magus Guild, researching, discovering new magics and new ways to apply them. He created powerful spells and magic flowed from his fingers. It is said that he was able to perform all sorts of magics unknown to most.


Something great bothered Eilhart, and that was that there was so much to learn, yet so little time. A large obstacle lay in the way of his research and, due to his low level of health due to a life of doing so, this obstacle was becoming imminent: death. Upon realizing this Eilhart began pouring day and nights to find methods to escape his fate. There was one solution, which was to become a lich, but Eilhart refused that option. Through many tries and errors, creating many life-prolonging potions on the way, he successfully created the Elixir of Life and gained the power of eternal youth. So long as he was not killed, he would continue to live and could continue his study of magic. There were no bars to hold him back anymore.

Return to Einzbern

After becoming one of the greatest, or some would say the greatest magi of all time, Eilhart, deeming himself worthy, left the Magus Guild to return to his birthplace and proclaimed his new title as the King of Einzbern, making it a massive superpower. His resources grew substantially and his research went to exponential degrees.


Eilhart fulfilled his duty in creating descendants for his line, although the methods for this are unknown. Some say that he was able to create a perfect homunculus, others said that he actually parented biological offspring. At any rate, the Einzbern are unable to trace their lines, nor their blood, back to Eilhart as the gap in ages is too wide.

Heaven's Feel

The first task Eilhart gave himself after being fully established in his new kingship was to try and understand the nature of True Magic. Although, since True Magic defies logic and the arcane laws, this was not possible for him. His research in this domain brought him utter defeat although, much to his surprise, one day, one of his descendants, who was not particularily skilled in magic in any way, was born with the same ability. Realizing that it was the very opposite of him, and that it was a realm he would never come to touch, Eilhart gave up on True Magic but instead entrusted Heaven's Feel to his descendants, instructing them to keep it as a treasure whose secrets were absolutely to be passed and kept. Although failing to understand it's concept, he lent assistance to the users of Heaven's Feel, using his superior knowledge in the arcane arts to aid them in creating many of their artifacts. The sacred garments, that would become the inspiration to the blueprints of the Dress of Heaven, was but one of these, although they had been lost since aeons.


Since Eilhart's thaumaturgical crest was too big for any living being to fully be able to inherit in it's lifetime, and since the Einzbern were now centered on True Magic unlike him, they had only the time to inherit a small portion of his Thaumaturgical Crest: the knowledge concerning alchemy, which, along with Heaven's Feel, became Einzbern's specialties. Though this knowledge too has become dim with the passing of ages.

The Frozen King

Eilhart ruled as Einzbern's overlord for countless of generations before, one day, he was found frozen onto his throne, with a cursed spear piercing his heart. The identity of the spear, it's nature, and what happened are a mystery, but the ice around the king was Eilhart's own doing. Knowing he was on the verge of death, he froze himself in a complete stasis, immortalized in his dying state. Since then, he has been reduced to a thin skeletal state but his eyes continue to shine and he still lives forever, though trapped in his dying moments. After the several times Einzbern was rebuilt, his throne room is the only thing that remains unchanged. He still serves as Einzbern's overlord and can be found resting in the Hidden Throne of the castle, built behind the throne of the current ruler. There, he is consulted, revered and his name is called upon to grant strength in the same way a deity would be. Many claim to be able to hear his voice, although it is uncertain if these are but rumours. What has been confirmed however, is that he is able to see and hear and, as of such, the rulers of Einzbern frequently go to report to him.

6th Holy Grail War

Call to Duty

Jubstacheit von Einzbern, 8th head of the new Einzbern, led the family throughout the various Grail Wars in order to obtain the Holy Grail. However, success slips constantly from his grasps, even as victory is just a reach ahead. He is battered by defeat, even as he resorts to methods that tarnish their name. Proving to be of no avail, he finally resorts to the last of his resorts for the 6th Grail War; to disgrace even their ancestry by calling upon the aid of Eilhart von Einzbern himself. Extracting DNA from the Frozen King, using delicate procedures that require them to pour every once of their alchemical knowledge, they are able to replicate their overlord's body in the form of a homunculus. Then, they use their newly acquired vessel, the most carefully made, named Eiryasviel von Einzbern to perform the apport, utilizing Heaven's Feel to transfer the soul of the Frozen King into the homunculus. Eilhart von Einzbern, seeking to protect the dignity of his line and acknowledging the Holy Grail as the result of their achievements, accepts the task without second thought and summons the strongest servant ever recorded: Lancer. Eilhart's powers are restrained and his body has trouble functioning as it, albeit resembling it, is not his own and his magic circuit is carved on his cells (which are limited in number in comparison to the stars of the sky). Nevertheless, he sets out to destroy their enemies and bring back the Grail for themselves.

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