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The Fantasy RP is an RP made by Shinkirou. It was one of the first two RPs made by him in Neo-KH and was one of the two RPs voted into creation during a poll (kicking out the Pandemonium RP). It is an RP set in the medieval-ish ages and was created for all the medieval fantasy fans out in Kawaii Heavens.


Once upon a time, there was an Empire known as Varia. The Captain of the Guard, Gordon Vanguard, had just disposed of two rogues. He and his men decide to go take a drink at the nearest tavern. In this tavern, he meets a magic swordsman by the name of Akarsh Vezard and a traveling merchant called Lenneth Arinal. They receive a request from the shop owner to get herbs from some nearby ruins. Meanwhile, the Skewers of Orion, the dominant Rogue Guild, visited Varia for some treasure hunting. They were lead by the carefree Azenoth Orion and his adjutant, Rufus. Both teams rushed for treasure inside of the ruins. The Bahamut's Tear had been discovered and Gordon discovers that the place they were in was an ancient fortress of Varia.

As both teams entered deeper, Azenoth told his men to take their leave and descended alone with Rufus. They were confronted by massive, living statues which gave them some trouble until Akarsh arrived and defeated the beings with crazy spellsword skills. As they entered, there was a magically conjured figure that told the adventurers that they failed in getting the Relic of Aeristh Quireh (to which they were completely confused about). A baelrog appeared and was defeated after a fight. They then found a chamber full of treasure but it was guarded by two dragons. Azenoth used trickery and stabbed one in the heart, killing it. This provoked the anger in one but it stayed it's wrath upon hearing the voice of Yggdrasil, an ancient millenial dragon. Lenneth, begging pardon of their actions, managed to get them out alive. They left and the Bahamut's Tear was returned to the empire.

Back at the tavern, Yggdrasil gave the Gordon, Akarsh and Lenneth the mission of finding the relic in which the figure spoke of. Azenoth, followed by Rufus, decided to tag along. In a mine, a series of riddles were solved and they arrived there to find the relic stolen by a demon. They emerged to the surface and Yggdrasil offered a ride on his back. The pursuit for the relic had begun.

The adventurers arrive at the RP version of Japan. There, they split up and search for the demon. Azenoth, however, decides to take a nap and gets captured. He finds out that a mysterious wanderer (the demon) had breached "the gates" and was headed towards the eastern mountain range. Ever since, youkais have become really active and, because of that, the men of Japan no longer trust outsiders. Gordon was in turn captured and sent to the dungeons. Meanwhile, Azenoth and Rufus both agree to free a youkai by the name of Heikimaru so that he could help them escape in return. He never kept his end of the bargain and a battle took place. There, the rogues experienced the sheer power of a greater youkai. During this time, Lenneth meets up with an old man by the name of Walter, whom she knew. Walter tried to avoid her due to undealt issues between the two and ended up landing in the dungeons. The rogues also received aid from a ninja and they defeated Heikimaru. This impressed the representative of the Japanese and the ninja made a bet that they could slay Orochi. The representative laughed and said he would grant them freedom in return for slaying the eight-headed dragon.

Walter reveals that he had fought to seal Orochi before with a certain magic swordsman during his youth. He also reveals the existence of the "Magical Blades" destined to purge the evil that the relic is needed to unleash. Azenoth is told by the ninjas that only Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi is capable of damaging Orochi but the rogue fails to wield it. Walter is convinced that Akarsh was the reincarnation of the magic swordsman he fought alongside years ago and was destined to seal Orochi. Gordon receives the Bahamut's Tear from his homeland of Varia and the Magical Blades were all revealed to be in the possession of the group. The morning, the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi appears in front of Akarsh's tent and he picks it up. Walter also gives Azenoth the Excalibur and warns him that the sword, although possessing great powers, has a will of it's own and can reject its master. The rogue experienced it himself as he was zapped upon the thought of selling the blade. He was soon attached to it. A roar is heard and Orochi goes on a rampage. The group heads to the site.

The Excalibur proved to do nothing against Orochi. Knowing that only the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi could harm the great dragon, many decided to take care of smaller fry. Orochi, upon seeing the return of the "Gatherer of Heavenly Clouds", goes berserk and fires a humongous beam that could destroy the entire Japan at once. The adventurers united their swords' powers and overpowered the beam, which knocked the eight-headed dragon off balance. Akarsh takes this advantage to slay the beast. A celebration was about to be held but the adventurers declined, knowing that they had little time to rest. They set out for the chain of mountains known as the "Horns of Desolation".

They reached a port Island and had to cross the "Decaying Sea". However, the sailors all refused to aid them either because they didn't want to associate themselves with rogues or because the travel was too perilous. However, using Azenoth's authority over ruffians, they managed to board a pirate ship (much to Gordon's disgust). They are assaulted by krakens on their first day. Azenoth lost the Phalanx Shard, a precious object to him, and jumped overboard to retrieve it. He was saved by Gordon and they were pulled by aboard by Rufus. The next day, they were assaulted by harpies, who feared Walter's blade. Rufus suspected that they were under the command of something. They left and rocs swooped in. They were easily killed and the adventurers entered the Horns of Desolation. Walter concludes that the evil they are facing would be unleashed there. Before departing in their trek, the group received a visit from Yggdrasilclaus who provided them with various items. The party climbed the mountains, facing many beasts such as gorgons. They reached near the summit when they were assaulted by a wraith unlike any the group had ever seen. It looked a hundred times more fierce, a hundred times eviler and a hundred times more powerful. Every breath exhaled from the undead overlord was filled with utter lust, hunger and anger. It was a wraith that even the other undead feared. It destroyed everything that it touched. The undead monster lunged at Azenoth who could not react to it in time. Rufus jumped in front of his leader, attempting to block the attack. The wraith touched the sword, shattering it and sending it's pieces stabbing into the rogue's body. Azenoth attacked the undead overlord but was pushed back and sent crashing through boulders. In deep pain, the rogue sees the hallucination of his adjutant stretching out his hands to him before it faded away. He realized all that Rufus had done for him and that that Rufus was about to be killed. Backed by impulses from the Excalibur, Azenoth shot out a large beam of pure energy, blasting half of the wraith away. The creature retreated to the summit and they followed it there.

At the summit, the relic lay on an altar, the evil about to be awakened. As Azenoth was about to snatch it away, four of the wraiths appeared. A strange ritual was being performed and the evil that was sealed away was about to be released. As streams of specters and demons were released and the moon turned into a crimson eye, Azenoth realized that they had little time. Heavily overwhelmed, driven to near death and running out of time, the rogue made a critical decision and destroyed the relic. The ritual ceased and the evil vanished. All seemed to have passed before the group saw the shards of the relic scatter across the world and realized that evil will seek it.

A two shards remained at the summit, two shards that turned into two foul and grotesque beasts. Worn out by the fight, the party was forced to retreat. They are then visited by Yggdrasil who informs them that the relic was used by the Horakjerai to seal all evil that was present at the time of the 15 Years of Fire (a cataclysm that almost destroyed the world) into a single being called Aeristh Quireh. Aeristh Quireh was then sealed it's turn into the relic. However, by destroying the crystal, the one entity that was sealed within was no more. Instead, they've unleashed Aeristh Quireh's arsenal. Every monster that the entity had once held within it was now dispersed and with the help of the Nvashk'qrr (the wraiths they had encountered earlier), Aeristh Quireh's emissaries, they can be unsealed from their shards. Yggdrasil hands them a luminescent potion whose light will point in the direction of the relic shards. It was now their mission to collect more shards than the Nvashk'qrr.

The party moves on to their new destination: the frigid lands of the north (either Ansagaria or Nógrhamr). Their adventures there are yet to be known.


Character RPer
Akarsh Vezard Dark Angel Kai
Azenoth Orion Shinkirou
Bovrus Stratocaster
Druftus Stratocaster
Gordon Vanguard Stratocaster
Japanese representative Shinkirou
Lenneth Arinal Irvine Yottacaliber
Ninja Shinkirou
Rufus Shinkirou
Scholar Shinkirou
Valerin Stratocaster
Walter Dark Angel Kai
Yggdrasil Irvine Yottacaliber
Yggdrasilclaus Stratocaster

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