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"The rumours are true then… I feel it in my bones… Perhaps it was a fool’s hope after all… Perhaps we were fools to believe that we could make a difference… To dare to dream, that we might end this vicious circle… the Grail yet lives… It calls those great warrior spirits to its dark ritual once again, like soldiers to the war drum… They come for their own reasons, but they are all of them deceived… The Grail's agenda will bring only destruction when the time comes… But not before seven and seven are sacrificed…Who knows the way of Fate's cruel plot?…Who can say what will come to pass ? Not I… The Sixth Holy Grail War brews… There will be sorrow, suffering and blood before the end… Of that, at least, I can be certain…" -Unknown

"I feel it in the air…The masters have been called up yonder and the clouds become gloomy at the atmosphere of a war's foreshadowing."

"It is time, isn't it?"

"Yes, my good master, yes…" - Servant Lancer converses with his Master at the dawn of war.



The Fate/Sixth War roleplay is in fact the re-creation of a previously existing RP which was lost with the forum wipe. Based on the Fate/Stay Night series originally by TYPE-MOON ,it was re-opened by Shinkirou with the permission of Rednal. It is the second most popular RP in Kawaii Heavens being currently 24 pages in length with some 464 posts at the time of writing. Shinkirou revealed that he had been intending to start a re-make of the RP when Stratocaster inquired on the subject. Rednal's permission for this was received just two days later. Initially there were concerns as to the limited number of available RPers for the project. However over time all the positions were filled, providing that one RPer controlled both Magus Master and Servant. Roleplaying began on the 30th of November 2007. It is planned to be followed by the Fate/7th War and the Fate/Achte Krieg RPs.




Servants are graded by ranks ranging from D- to SSS+. They are bounded by 3 command seals. These command seals can be used to either push the servant's boundaries, heal a servant or to usher an absolute order.
A master/servant team is eliminated if it runs out of command seals or if either member of the team is killed.


The number of participating Magi is seven, they are dubbed Masters and summon familiars divided into seven classes known as Servants. These are heroic spirits that have carved their legends onto history or mythology. In order to obtain the one and only Holy Grail, said to have infinite power and to be able to grant any wish, they fight and kill each other to the last remaining pair. That is the Holy Grail War.


With the passing of the 5th Holy Grail War, the Holy Grail was presumed destroyed once and for all by the power of King Arturia Pendragon's sword, Excalibur. For the first time in 250 years the magi communities of the world believed themselves freed of that burden… but there were those who protested otherwise, as though they knew better. Many shunned these pessimistic prophecies but the bitter, inexplicable truth came all too soon. Scarce 19 winters had come and gone before the shadows of war began to descend once more upon Fuyuki City. Now, on the eve of the seven thousand three hundred and fifth day since the ending of the 5th war, a 6th will begin… seven new servants and seven new masters prepare for battle…

Backstory (5th War)

For information on the nature and origins of the Holy Grail War see the relavent article on the TYPE MOON wikia. (Link below)

Twenty years ago, the fifth Holy Grail War began. This was strangely early, only 10 years after the fourth. At the end of that fourth war two remaining servants clashed in a titanic final battle. When a foolish and premature wish was made on the Holy Grail a gigantic fire consumed a large portion of Fuyuki City. That war ended when the one of the remaining masters killed the other. This last master then ordered his servant, using the last of his command spells, to destroy the Holy Grail. With this the 4th war was cut short.
Amidst the retreating flames that master found a dying boy. This boy one of the few known survivors of that cataclysmic inferno.
That master was Emiya Kiritsugu. He raised the boy as his own and eventually passed on his ideals to him. The boy became known as Emiya Shirou. Some years after the end of the 4th war, Kiritsugu died, seemingly inexplicably. Shirou was left alone although he still held those high ideals dear. He strived from there on to become a hero of justice, just like his father.
Kiritsugu tried to teach Shirou some magic, so that it may be used in secret to help others, although for whatever reason this proved to be ineffective. The only ability Shirou possessed was the relatively obscure and difficult sorcery, Reinforcement. Even this he struggled with greatly.

Kiritsugu had been unfortunately mistaken. The Holy Grail had never been destroyed at the end of the last war. No, only it's physical form was defeated. Its tainted essence still remained. Neither was that other master killed. He lived still, becoming reliant on the dark power of the Grail. His servant, Gilgamesh, also stayed in this world. So it was then that only a few years after Kiritsugu's death, the 5th war began…

Seven new masters and six new servants were chosen by the Grail. Amongst these masters was Shirou. When attacked by Lancer on the opening night of the war, Shirou inadvertently summoned a servant. This heroic spirit beat back Lancer with power and skill of the like Shirou had never seen before. This servant was of the Saber class and in time Shirou would learn that she was, infact, the very same servant that served his father in the last war.

With the help of Tohsaka Rin , a schoolmate of his, and her servant, Shirou and Saber make their way through the Grail War. Saber was incorrectly summoned by an inferior magus. As a result she is severely weakened (Rank A reduced to Rank C+). Shirou initially is reluctant to fight and frequently puts his servant’s safety before his own, much to the annoyance Saber and Rin. A servant cannot exist without a master so this is clearly a foolish mindset. However, despite brutal wounds, Shirou always seems to survive, seemingly possessing an extraordinary self-healing ability.

Eventually Shirou resigns to the fact that he must fight to be a hero of justice, to prevent the other masters from committing atrocities and ultimately to prevent a repeat of the inferno ten years ago. Together Saber and Shirou, Saber and Rin survive till the end of the Holy Grail war, although Rin's servant Archer sacrificed himself along the way. Through a special ritual of Rin’s devising Shirou is able to connect his magic circuit to Saber and so finally becomes able to supply her with the mana required to use her Noble Phantasms. It is around this period that Shirou learns he is not truly skilled in reinforcement but an even more specialised branch of this, imaging. Shirou has his own type of imaging which surpasses all known previous attempts as he is able to recreate items on almost every level from material composition to the tempering of all the age and experience it may have accumulated. Ilyasviel Von Einzbern also joins Shirou's household once her Berserker class servant is defeated by Saber.

When one of the remaining servants, Caster, seeks to use close friend and schoolmate, Matou Sakura as a vessel for the summoning of the Holy Grail, Shirou, Saber and Rin make their way to confront her, although before Saber is able to engage Caster, an unknown servant in gold appears and slays both Caster and her master with a hail of Noble Phantasms. This golden servant seemed to know Saber

Indeed this servant was the Archer class belonging to the master whom Kiritsugu believed he had killed and none other than the moderator of this 5th war, Kotomine Kirei. Kirei seeks to summon the Grail at Ryoudoji temple using Ilyasviel as a vessel and kidnaps her. Shirou and Saber are forced to confront him and Gilgamesh there once and for all. Saber had been forced by Kiritsugu to destroy the Grail against her will. This time however Shirou had managed to convince Saber to accept the life she lived and be content that she did the best that she could, rather than wishing to undo the past.

Whilst Saber engages Gilgamesh, Shirou sets out to confront Kirei. But both servant and master are outmatched. Only when all hope is lost can Shirou use his tracing ability to draw out the source of his strange regenerative power. This turns out to be Saber's lost scabbard. The power of this scabbard provides the two with unsurpassed protection from all forms of harm and with its power Saber is able to destroy Gilgamesh and Shirou kills Kirei shortly thereafter.

Saber then uses the power of her legendary sword to destroy the Holy Grail once and for all… or so they thought…




Other Characters

The Story So Far

The 6th Holy Grail War RP opens in the Einzbern Castle, nestled deep within a dark and foreboding forest some short distance from Fuyuki City. There, an ancestor of the Einzbern has been summoned as a soul and fixed within this world by attaching this soul to an artificial body, the making of which has become something of a speciality of the Einzbern. He has previously summoned the Servant Lancer ,to this time of his being awoken by a maid. He receives orders from the head of the family, Jubstacheit that he is to carry out in this Holy Grail War. He and Lancer then proceed to pay a visit to the supervisor of the the ritual at Kotomine Church to ensure he will be capable of playing his part. After a short conversation [[[Eilhart von Einzbern |Eilhart]] leaves, his emotions on the subject still unclear, though seemingly satisfied, for now…

Now our attention shifts elsewhere and we are introduced to Berserker and his master who are travelling through another forest. Berserker has been summoned some weeks previous to this time and the pair have become close companions. They are currently searching for some kind of treasure…

Major Events

Archer was summoned
Berserker was summoned
Assassin was summoned
Caster was summoned
Lancer was summoned
Rider was summoned
Saber was summoned
Eilhart and Lancer visit the supervisor to assess his competence
Lancer learns of Assassin, Berserker and Archer's true identities via his crows.
Assassin senses that Dark Adonis, Ivenhile may be a master.
Hibiki Tataka and Assassin set out to meet Dark Adonis, Ivenhile
Assassin engages Berserker
Avia del Iyatta (Avi) walks in on the battle that is about to begin in anger.

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