"You want Hell? You're looking at it. The eyes of the beast will make you wish you never had vision, the roars will make even the most emotionless person tremble. The Hellhounds fused to it's feet are always hungry; just the sight of them will make you avoid the creature as much as possible. It's center is like an abyss of thousands of screaming damned souls. This is the Ultimate Beast, capable of making a Dark Angel cry like a little girl." -Dodici

"We go under it, it swallows us. We fight from the left we get pincered. We fight from the right and we're flattend. We fight from dead center and we get pulverised. We fight from up top and we become this thing's dinner." -Eustoma

The Hex-Chimera is a monster from the Bar RP. Created by Dodici, this was the ultimate beast to ever have dawned upon the worlds. At 100ft tall, it made the Behemoth look like a dwarf. Two hideous dog-like entities were at it's feet. It had several snake-like heads (like a hydra) and 6 arms on both sides of various creatures. The center had a mouth which drooled. The breath smelled of 10000 corpses. It's tails burrowed into the ground making it hard to tell what it's tails were like. It had wings like that of a Roc. It had a large head that towered among it's large body. The head looked like a 10 kilometer millipede. It had talons like that of a raptor's. It's roar was like a scream of every demon of pandemonium. For it's heavy weight it seemed to have a swift pace with it's extending snake heads. This thing did not need to move in order to attack anything that was currently in position. Multiple timechs floats around the beast, protecting it. It has 600 tentacles and is said to be impossible to kill. The warriors from the bar fought against it to no avail, finding no weakness in the creature. However, the beast ultimately met it's demise as Dodici was killed and the dimension, unable to sustain itself without the warlock, collapsed on the monster.

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