Irvine Yottacaliber (Bar RP)

"Prepare for the worst a human can do" -Irvine, facing off a mob of demons

Irvine Yottacaliber is a character in the Bar RP. He is a human and hangs around with Kai (and is often abused by him. Not much is revealed about him but it seems he is much more than meets the eyes. It is hinted that he has great power in contrast with the average human. He is known to have a weapon simply refered to as "the weapon". He often represents a more serious counterpart of Kai. He has known the dark angel for a long time although it is unknown how they originally came to know each other. He is the Bar RP incarnation of Irvine.

Note: This article is about the Bar RP character. If you are looking for the RPer, please refer to Irvine Yottacaliber (RPer).

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