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"This has got to be by far the most original RP in NeoKH. This started out as a carefree RP but ended up as a novel XD! It was fun to see the insane progress of this RP as I improvised on. RPing in there was highly enjoyable and was quite a nice experience. The variety in there is amazing: I could throw in crazy scientists and make girls murder each other (uh oh, am I becoming a sadist?) and all of that seemed normal. It's the one RP where you can get drunk while saving the world from mad scientists and their creations as well as meddling yourself with Celestial Affairs." -Shinkirou, while commenting on his summary of the Bar RP.

The Bar RP (Changed to Kai's Bar RP) is Neo-KH's first RP. It was created by Dark Angel Kai using Irvine's account. Kai started the RP wanting to create "Something simple anyone can join." His instructions were of the following: "The setting is a small bar just outside of a capital city. The rest is up to you. You can come in have a drink or describe the interior only remember that once described it can't be changed". Although it was designed to be something light for people to cruise about, it eventually developed a complex plot and a much more serious tone.


Once upon a time, there was a bar. This was an ordinary bar with people visiting from time to time. However, one day, a Dark Angel arrived (dragging a poor soul by the name of Irvine and started causing ruckus. While the barkeeper attempted to manage the bar in a chaotic state, two other people stepped in. First was a freelance young gunslinger who was searching for the men on his blacklist. Second was an honorable knight of the round orange who had decided to go take a look: Stratocaster. Many things happened and the criminals the gunslinger was looking for show up. A small, short fight breaks out (heads exploding, consuming of souls) and the criminals are killed.

Now, the gunslinger turns to a greater target: a mad scientist by the name of Laig Scarlet. Apparently, Laig used insane technology to create 4NG3Ls, grotesque mutants that he thought were actual angels. A first 4NG3L assaults the base and the gunslinger, with difficulty, kills it by setting it on fire while it was being drenched in alcohol. Knowing how difficult future battles would be, he decided to call for some aid from his acquaintances. First, he called the aid of an organization that deals with the deployment of Gunslinger Girls: artificial mentally conditioned girls with deadly skills. They sent two girls: Alto (the gunslinger's protector) and 65 (Stratocaster's protector). Then, he calls her childhood friend Sister Karen Crux and she, denying that her order had the strength to comply, summoned an angel by the name of Shinkirou. Fights with mutants happened here and there and it is eventually found out that the mad scientist was after Object 1209 to complete his masterpiece: his so-called "Messiah".

While the heroes got ready to confront Laig's creation, they were visited by the Valkyrie, Shaia and found out about Dodici. Dodici was Laig's second in command but was actually pulling the strings from behind. The Messiah showed up but Dodici, the puppet master, showed up with his dark angels. Meanwhile, Laig had ran off to his underwater laboratory, the gunslinger following him. The two dark angels that came under the command of Dodici were both defeated (by Shinkirou and Orven, a dark angel that has resisted Dodici's influence). Hundreds of fathoms under the sea, the gunslinger, now revealed as Mike finds out that his father's death (he boarded a plane which crashed into the mid-Atlantic) was caused by the mad scientist. a duel breaks out between the Mike and Laig (who uses electricity plasmids). Finally, the gunslinger wins by delivering a headshot while the crazy doctor was overwhelmed by water pouring in. This happened seconds before the entire base collapsed, delivering a watery death to Mike……or so he thought. Karen, who had a premonition, asked Shinkirou to go to Mike's aid and the gunslinger was taken to the surface safely.

Karen joins the group in their new objective: the defeat of Dodici. A rift in time-space is made and the warriors step in to find that Dodici has summoned the Hex-Chimera. A battle takes place against the monstrosity, who proved to be an overwhelming opponent. Dark Angel Kai kills Dodici by stabbing him multiple times. With Dodici dead, the dimension collapses, killing the Hex Chimera (which was not able to escape). Many leave the bar and peace is once again restored.

Ownership of the bar was now given to Kai (because of its state). They pass a peaceful time before 10 gunslinger girls, along with their supervisor, Tom and Doctor Sonata come to investigate the remnants of Object 1209. During this time, many murders happen in the cellars (a suicide followed by a girl having all her skin, flesh and organs stripped from the bones). A gunslinger girl, paranoid and depressed from all the events, breaks down and starts going berserk. She is stopped by Kai, who now suspects of Dr. Sonata's identity. However, there is nothing to back him up. Mechanical versions of the 4NG3Ls invaded the bar and, amidst the chaos, the girls were sent to protect the Object fragment, which was found in the cellars. However, Alto also begins to suspect the doctor and follows from afar. She watched in horror as the girls she considered as little sisters went insane and murdered each other. 65, who was not affected by the Object's radiation, snapped as she was unable to bear all the past events. However, Alto calms her down in an embrace, getting stabbed by her in the process. Dr. Sonata walks down and prepares to murder the gunslinger girl before Shinkirou pops to the rescue. He finds out that Dr. Sonata was actually a bioalchemist by the name of Uendi. She was the puppet mistress and was Dodici's older sister. She disables the angel by temporarily severing his link to the Astral Line.

Shinkirou emerges from the cellars and told the rest of the group what happened. Dark Angel Kai seemed troubled and reveals that what Uendi was after was a fallen celestial fortress called EDEN (in which the lost technology was sealed). EDEN was destroyed by Kai a long time ago and his powers were divided into shards. These shards became the key to Kai and were renamed the objects. He also states that he would go berserk if EDEN comes back into existence. Shinkirou concludes that Uendi wants to succeed God by using the dark angel's power, amplifying and control it using EDEN's technology and direct it to her will. During this time, Mike adopts Alto as his little sister since she hadn't anywhere to go and recalls that it was Karen who had picked him up from the streets years ago.

Later that night, Uendi breaks in to the church where Karen is and steals the 1208th Object (she now only needs the main shard in Kai's body). It is revealed that she and Karen knew each other when the puppet mistress congratulated her on becoming a paladin. Karen charges at Uendi but was defeated by the Biochemist's wide arsenal of devices. Uendi takes her leave, opening two portals before exiting. Karen, grabbing a sword hanging on the wall, was left with demons pouring out of the portals.

Back at the bar, the phone rings loudly. Stratocaster picks it up to hear news of the church's infestation. He asks the rest of the group whether they should go to their aid or not before Mike darts out of the bar, followed by Alto. The rest of the group hurried on as well. Before their departure, Shinkirou gives Stratocaster a Levistone (a levitation enabling stone) saying that it could be of use.

In the church, Karen is being overwhelmed by the innumerable demons before Mike appears to the rescue along with Alto (who he introduces). While Shinkirou and Kai eradicate the outside legion, the rest fight off what's inside. After they regroup, Karen reveals that the demons wont be stopped until the portals are shut and the only way to do so is to remove the sigil stone from each one (a reference to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion). Knowing this, the group (excluding Kai) head for the portal. Shinkirou, sensing that the puppet mistress was still near, broke off from the group. He finds her kilometers away and challenges her to a duel. Uendi makes short work of the demoted seraphim using reinforced etherlite and severely wounds him. She flies off while proclaiming that she will have omnipotence. The ground shakes and an immaterial silhouette of EDEN formed in the sky…


Character RPer
65 Stratocaster
Alto Shinkirou
Bar keeper Almost everyone
Bar owner Ditto
Brianna Cbhl
Dark Angel Aztor Shinkirou
Dark Angel Cronis Irvine Yottacaliber
Dark Angel Hiak Irvine Yottacaliber
Dark Angel Jormun Irvine Yottacaliber
Dark Angel Kai Dark Angel Kai
Dark Angel Orven Irvine Yottacaliber
Dark Angel Skine Irvine Yottacaliber
Dr. Sonata/Uendi Shinkirou
Dodici Irvine Yottacaliber
Eustoma&Forbesii Stratocaster
Haruhi EVE
Irvine Irvine Yottacaliber
Johan Shinkirou
Karen Crux Shinkirou
Laig Scarlet Shinkirou
Mike Shinkirou
Nanoha StrikerS characters Shinkirou
Npal Npal
Shaia Irvine Yottacaliber
Shinkirou Shinkirou
Sofia Stratocaster
Small healer Stratocaster
Stratocaster Stratocaster

Cultural references:

-Forbesii&Eustomas are both from "Shuffle!"
-The Gunslinger Girls come from the anime "Gunslinger Girls"
-Laig Scarlet uses plasmids which are taken from "Bioshock"
- Stratocaster uses the Blessed Boxcutter of Kaede, a character from "Shuffle!"
-Shinkirou uses "Final Spark", which is Marisa's spellcard from "Touhou Project"
-Karen's order is similar to that of the Magdalene's Order in "Chrno Crusade"
-The sigil stones required to shut the demon gates come from "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion"
-The Levistone comes from "Castle in the Sky"
-Characters from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS stopped at the bar once and had a brief drink before vanishing

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