Karen Crux

Karen is a character from the Bar RP. She is an exorcist paladin from the Evangelical Militia (similar to the Magdalene Order from the anime "Chrno Crusade"). She was inspired by many exorcists in anime history (mostly from Chrno Crusade and Tsukihime as well as a tint of Draculius). Her appearance (and personality) is based heavily on Carim Gracia from the anime "Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS". She sports a lot of different weapons (mainly from Chrno Crusade) but her main weapon is the Crucifix Blade (see bottom left image). She seems to have known Uendi in the past although this has yet to be elaborated. She is able to predict the future through visions and is the one who summoned Shinkirou to the bar. She is British in origin and is extremely fond of Earl Grey. She shows romantic interest in Mike. She is adept with the blade, being on par with the skills of the knight captain, Stratocaster. She is roleplayed by Shinkirou.


Karen was raised in the church like any other exorcist in the order. Since she was young, she had been aspiring to become a Paladin. One rainy day, she was taking a brief stroll when she found Mike lying half-unconscious in front of the church's gate. Seeing that he had nowhere to go, she offered him her hospitality. The girl's family took care of him until he left to become a freelance gunslinger. The two, of course, had always constantly been in touch.

Aproximately ten years later, Karen received a call from Mike who was having trouble dealing with 4NG3Ls at a Bar. He called informing of a heretic known as Laig Scarlet. Apparently, he manufactured things he believed to be angels and there would be a large scale disaster should the mad man obtain Object 1209. He also informed her that they had a dark angel there backing them up but that didn't seem to bother her. He called because the church had great relationships with most of the military (being the Evangelical Militia). However, the Paladin denied that any troops would help concerning the matter and called for some "divine intervention". She called in the for help of ex-Seraphim Miragael (also known as Shinkirou) who went to the bar to help out with the crisis.


After Mike's battle to the death with Laig, Karen had a premonition about the gunslinger being in danger. She called, once again, upon the help of Shinkirou, who arrived just in time to save the freelance gunner from drowning to death as the mad doctor's base collapsed. Later, after the event, they returned to the Saint Church for some tea and biscuits. After hearing about their situation (about Dodici and the Hex-Chimera), she decided to aid them since it was her duty as a Paladin to hunt down warlocks and destroy evil monsters. She had been accompanying the group until the final battle was fought and she left.
Her absence was not for long, however. Following the slaughter of the gunslinger girls (save for Alto and 65, the puppet mistress, Uendi, visited the Saint Church. It was then revealed that Karen and the bioalchemist had known each other for quite some time (since their childhood, actually). The puppet mistress infiltrated the Evangelical Militia's Headquarters in order to steal the 1208th object that would help her unlock the forsaken fortress of EDEN. The Paladin attacks Uendi in vain as she overpowers her in a display of deadly weaponry. She then opens three portals and teleports out of the room. Karen is left with legions of demons pouring in. She grabs a silver sword near by and fights the innumerable army. Soon, after she's taken down a good lot of them, she began to run out of stamina. She feared it might have been the end of her before Mike came to the rescue. She is introduced to Alto, the gunslinger's adopted sister and noticed the change of heart in the freelance gunner. The two gates are blown up by grenades but the last gate remains. After regrouping with Stratocaster and 65, she reveals that the final gate can only be shut down by going to the other side and removing the sigil stone. She joins the rest of the group as they venture into the Plains of Oblivion.

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