Laig Scarlet
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Laig Scarlet is a main villain in the Bar RP. He is a mad scientist with a God-complex. His goal was to complete the "Messiah". Laig believed all his creations were angels and that the Messiah was the..well, Messiah. Hence, he created 4NG3Ls and went to search for Object 1209. His body is genetically enhanced and he lives under a base on the bottom of the mid-Atlantic sea. He is responsible for the death of Mike's father. He is roleplayed by Shinkirou


Laig Scarlet was a successful scientist in his youth. He discovered things that man thought impossible to achieve. He took genetic modification and bioengineering to a new level. He invented machines, contraptions and many more that could have improved mankind. However, he was rejected by the government that feared the result such technology could create. Thus, they suspended and forbade his experimentations. Furious, Laig gathered his fellow scientists and decided to build a haven under the sea where no one could stop them. And so, using Laig's technology, they built a giant underwater laboratory where they did experiments of all kind. There was no morality, there was no boundaries, there was nothing to stop them.

A policeman by the name of John McClowsky found his way into the laboratory. Disgusted by the inhumane tests being run, he confronted the doctor a great number of times before Laig, tired of hearing his rants, killed him. A few years later, an incident occurred, killing everyone inside except for the doctor. He continued his research on his own. It was not long after that he met Dodici, who became his assistant.

After a large number of years, Laig grew insane. He eventually started believing he was God and wanted to create the Messiah. He used his 4NG3Ls to go and gather what was necessary. Soon, he was missing but one thing: Object 1209 which was hidden right in the cellars of the Bar. He sent his minions which were killed until he finally obtained it using the Cherubim as a diversion. He then summoned the Messiah but was betrayed by Dodici who killed the creature. Laig escaped back into his base but was followed by Mike McClowsky, the son of John McClowsky. They had a duel but Laig was ultimately killed by a shot to the head.



"Of course I'm talking about the dark angels! Angels that I created are the true angels, the others are nothing more than impostors!!! I AM GOD!!!" -to Dodici when he asked him what he meant by "false angels"


Laig uses plasmids taken from "Bioshock"

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