Lancer Class

Class Introduction

The Lancer class is one of the seven Servant classes which may be summoned in order to fight in the Holy Grail War. A heroic spirit summoned into this class gains a formidable bonus to agility and speed while suffering a reduction in physical strength and either endurance or mana. Lancers make renowned as dangerous opponents, given their immense speed and comparative stealth. Also, not to be underestimated is their melee range which provides a significant advantage over other classes.

The Lancer class is one of the three 'Knight' classes, the others being Archer and Saber. Lancer, representing the traditional image of the spearman, is the knight of spears and servants summoned into this class usually are either famed for their skill in combat or because they posses a famous or cursed polearm. Usually Lancer class servants have fantastic agility and robust strength whilst often lacking in Mana and high ranking Noble Phantasms when compared to some other classes. By whatever cruel coincidence, it seems that Lancer's are cursed with terrible luck as a matter of course…

There are no further things worth remarking upon about this class, other than its apparent lack of recurring 'Class Skills' or which there are none confirmed. However some consider 'Battle Continuation' to be one and hence it shall be listed below in brackets.

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: A passive skill common to all 'Knight' servant classes and The Rider . The higher this rating the more powerful a spell must be before it may harm the servant. For example, a servant with rank A, Magic Resistance, such as Arturia Pendragon, cannot be harmed by the rank A, spells contained in Tohsaka Rin's jewels. If the spell was ranked A+ or above, it would be able to harm this servant.

(Battle Continuation: The ability to continue to fight on, regardless of change in situation or damage to the self. However this only remains true until a clearly fatal blow has been administered, whereby this effect is cancelled.)

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