Masamichi Suzuki

Masamichi as he appears in 2073

Name: Masamichi Suzuki (鈴木正道)
Age 20 (as of 2073)
Date of birth 14th April 2053
Location of Birth Sendai, Japan
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Gold
Height 173cm
Occupation Policeman (Officer rank)
Affiliations Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
Known relatives (unknown)
Hobbies Karate (somewhat as a past time, he isn't actively pursuing/learning it)
Favorite Colour Red
Likes Coffee (Suzuka's in peculiar), a good challenge, mechas, velocity, racing, peace, sakura petals, order&justice
Dislikes Disturbance of his coffee drinking moments, coffeeless mornings, the colour red, blood, injustice, cruelty, bribery, all sorts of criminal offenses, strong unlicensed mechas

Masamichi Suzuki (鈴木正道、Suzuki Masamichi) is a character in the Mecha RP. He is a policeman serving in the Tokyo Police Riot Division as a mecha pilot and a former member of the military cadets. Once an Ace Pilot in the military reserve forces and the top ranking player of a mecha-simulation video game, he possesses great piloting ability. However, that past had been thrown away by him and he now lives only to serve and protect Tokyo. Is extremely close friends with Suzuka, having known her since their elementary school days and develops romantic interest in the girl. He is also good friends with his colleagues: Nakamura and Ryouhei. According to Shinkirou, he is somewhat caffeine dependent. He finds Hiro Otori interesting due to his spirit compared to the other cadets, reminding him of his military cadet days; with the Thirteen Devils incident playing the same role as the Toraguchi Air Raid. Ever since the crashing of the game server, he had developed a strong disliking for crafts he considers overpowered as he considers it to be bullying the weak, with the exception of the . His name was originally meant to be "Shunsuke Akamori" but this got changed into "Masamichi Suzuki", whose first name means "Path of Righteousness" (a fitting name, considering the nature of his character). His Character Voice is attributed to Daisuke Ono, and the original concept of his character is based on Mamoru Akasaka from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.
RPed by Shinkirou.

He is the pilot of the TICM-U01 "Deathglider".


Masamichi is a controlled and polite individual. Based on a conversation he had with Genya, he would have picked that off from Suzuka. He has a strong sense of justice, morals and ethics and will not hesitate to rebuke injustice and aid the needy.

However, his former self when he was an Ace Pilot was perfectionist, pompous and merciless towards his opponents. This all changed after the Thirteen Devils crashed the server of the mecha-simulation game, where, after a good beating from Suzuka, he decided to go another path. His Ace Pilot self bears great resemblance with Otsdarva from Armored Core: For Answer and is reflected somewhat in Akatsuki. Despite all this, he still showed great signs of justice, ethics and honor, always preferring to fight his adversaries fair-and-square.


Masamichi was born in Sendai, Japan on April 14th 2053 and moved to Tokyo early on in the year 2057 where he started going to school. His first interaction with Suzuka was at the age of six, when the girl had brought a mecha model to school and had it taken from her. Furious at the foul act, he beat up the other child and returned it to her, which also resulted in him having to stand in the hallway carrying buckets as punishment. They rarely spoke to each other after then, however. During his school years, he was extremely competitive, always wanting to surpass others and exceed at everything. At that time, his dream was to be a professional car racer.

At the age of twelve, Masamichi started developing an interest in mechas, an interest that soon turned into obsession. Conveniently, during his teenage age, an online mecha-simulation game similar to Senjou no Kizuna had sprung into popularity within Japan. The adolescent, of course, took part and soon got hooked. Ever since that moment, school had become nothing to him, being only a tedious process he had to go through in order to gain access to the games (who were installed at his school). Much to Suzuka's dismay, he poured every single drop of his money, his heart and soul into the machine, eventually rising to become "Rank One Deathglider" (which is also the name of his mecha). Once the age of 16, after having played a mecha game for so long, he considered piloting a mecha for real and enlisted for the military. There, piloting Shikimori Military Industries' STF AX-95/A, which was still new to the mass-production line back then, he experienced the thrill of G-force. Addicted by the exhilarating sensation, he gave up most of his school time and the time he spent gaming on the military. There, he exhibited the same competitive behaviour as he did in the game, showing superior skill despite his young age, surprising his superiors and gaining a reputation within the cadets. However, he would only have a chance to show his true skills during the Toraguchi Air Raid, when he shot down multiple crafts and became decorated as an Ace Pilot.

Suzuki's military career would not last long, however, as, after becoming an official Ace Pilot, he returned to school and started playing the mecha-simulation game once more, only to find the server hacked by the Thirteen Devils. The situation got worse and worse, eventually bringing the server to the point of crashing. In it's final days, Masamichi led a group of players (including Yuki Uehara) in a last stand against the thirteen crafts but their forces were quickly obliterated in the blink of an eye. The Rank One player, however, managed to survive the massacre and confronts Akai Chino. He is easily defeated and is sent plummeting to the ground, forever haunted by the "Game Over" sign. After the event, he becomes depressed and is faced by Suzuka who, after arguments and mishaps, knocks some sense into him. Since then, he decided to turn his ways and rethink the way he views the world. He attends school diligently and picks up the girl's polite mannerism of speaking. Becoming a friendly, caring and considerate individual, the men at the military are all shocked to see his change of heart. After graduating from high school, he resigns from the military and decides to join his friend, Nakamura, in walking the path of a policeman. Entering the Tokyo Police Riot Division and becoming a pilot of an ASRF-X01 unit, the skills he developed in his adolescent years made him an adept pilot, gaining him the respect of his colleagues.


Phase 1

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Masamichi is the first character to appear in the RP as he leans back against the police station's walls, drinking coffee and admiring the peaceful village. He receives a note to his pager about a rampaging quadruped mecha and disables it using his X01, arresting the two-man crew (including Tom Matsumoto). He then goes to fend off a riot: his usual routine. He learns from Investigator Sonozaki that a great riot is in order and is assigned to protect the Police Academy. However, his craft is unpowered by Kanaye Suzaku and he enters the Academy, calling the cadets and the instructors to arms. It is then that he makes acquaintances with Hiro Otori. They hold out the riot until Nakamura and Ryouhei arrive with reinforcements to push the rioters back.

He is the one who picks up Kanaye's report on the head rioters and hands it to Inspector Sonozaki. He also spots him and Tohru later on in the Academy and warns them off, saying that it is protected territory of the Tokyo Police. However, the investigator, recognizing the two, let them go.

Circling the city, Masamichi encounters Atsuka and Mayu up in the sky and attempts to arrest them for not having a mecha permit. However, they kick his mecha to the ground. With Hiro's assistance, he manages to catch up with Kanaye later and a fight broke out between the vector and the police. The Genocide is damaged and they retreat back to base.

Masamichi reports about Vector. Investigator Sonozaki instantly recognizes the name and knew of something urgent. He guides him to the archives where he explains that there was once a group in the game Masamichi used to play known as the Thirteen Devils. These hacked into the server and completely modified the game to into their plaything. This group wanted to turn the game into real life and commissioned the making of mechas similar to their online ones. The Futami Corporation was involved with this gang and agreed to make the mechas. When the police found out about this, an attempt was made to arrest them but they failed. Fearing the Thirteen Devils, the government sent the special forces, disguised as policemen to avoid commotion, and the Futami family was slaughtered (except for Atsuka which is why he bears a grudge). The pager beeps and Grey Fox is found attacking the Academy.

Masamichi rushes to the Academy to fight Grey Fox but Tom Matsumoto tampers with his X01's cockpit and he flies out of it upon being kicked, breaking his arm and three of his ribs. He is next seen in the hospital, remembering everything about the Thirteen Devils. He is visited by Suzuka, who offers to read him a story book. The policeman laughs, stating that she hasn't changed at all.

Masamichi spends a while in the hospital, not appearing in the RP until, looking outside at the chaos of the fight, he decides that he could no longer stay in the hospital and watch. He forces himself out of his room before Suzuka sees him and intercepts. The officer tells her that he was not letting anyone stop him. The girl assures him that everything will be fine. She informs him that it is not yet the time for him to act and that, when the said time does come, 'it' will be waiting for him. A puzzled Masamichi boards Suzuka's limousine and is taken to Tsukishiro Electronics Industries' headquarters. The president's daughter then reveals to him that, just as Noboru Futami reprocreated the Thirteen Devils' in-game mechas, Tsukishiro Ind. had reproduced the policeman's in-game mecha: the Deathglider. As Masamichi is on his way to returning to the hospital, he catches a glimpse of the IR-07/M and his memory clears up. He then recalls his nemesis and dementor, the Blutiger Graf.

Masamichi disappears once more in the RP until Yuki gets wounded and ends up in the same hospital room as him. He dreams about the past, of the game four years ago. It is revealed in the flashback that the police officer used to be the top-rank player and was really adept at making quickly calculated counters. His attitude is shown to be completely different, having a high ego and being somewhat ruthless. He was completely absorbed by the game and, as a result, gave very little concern about his non-virtual life. This is a fact that greatly troubled Suzuka who stood by his side, watching him play everyday. One day a guild known as the Thirteen Devils managed to hack into the game, making their mechas overpowered and removing the option to respawn. The GMs concentrated on nullifying the hacking but they could not prevent the site from crashing while keeping the devils in check at the same time. Thus, a group of players were recruited to face the hackers as a mean of buying time. Of course, amongst them was the Rank One player. The Deathglider manages to make it out alive. He spots Akai Chino and engages him in combat. However, it was all futile: he is overwhelmed and his mecha is destroyed. Masamichi is left to stare at the flashing "Game Over" sign, unable to do anything.
The police officer wakes up, and notes how, on that day, his life changed completely and that Suzuka had been faithfully by his side no matter what. The later, who notices him awake, goes to bid him good morning. The policeman looks outside and notices that it is snowing. This is rather bizarre due to the fact that it was late spring at the time. The daughter of Tsukishiro Electronics Industries' president states that it is the second this happened and that the first time was during their battle with the Thirteen Devils four years ago. She then proceeds to ask both men in the room if they believed in destiny. She tells them that she does and that she believes that they are fated to fight the devils again. However, this time, they would win.

Suzuka locates both the IR-07/M and the IR-13/U. She tells Masamichi and Yuki that their mechas have been upgraded by Tsukishiro Ind. and bids them to go confront their enemies. The trio sneak out of the hospital and enter the girl's limousine. The driver, Samejima, speeds to Tsukishiro Ind.'s headquarters (much to Yuki's amusement) while Masamichi rants about Traffic Laws. The policeman beams as they are greeted by Genya Tsukishiro, showing that they have known each other for a long time a certain fondness. Masamichi is about to follow the mercenary into the building when Suzuka stops him. She is about to say something but asks him to forget about it. The atmosphere becomes somewhat serious and uneasy all of a sudden. The policeman apologizes to the girl about mistreating her four years ago but she seems to not have been bothered by it. Figuring that his childhood friend would eventually tell him, he makes his way to the entrance of the building. Just as he steps on the door frame, she calls out to him. Turning around, the officer is mesmerized by the sight of sakura petals brushing gently past her. It is at that moment that Masamichi's affection for her suddenly awakens (although, he himself is oblivious to the fact). Suzuka confesses that she actually wished for his deafeat four years ago. She also apologizes for a specific event that occurred between them four years ago. It was never revealed what the said event was. The policeman holds her in a tight embrace and comforts her.
The two stay in that position for a while, staring at the snow gently falling from above. None of them are dressed for the cold weather but they're both compensated by each other's warmth. Masamichi notes that, throughout their lives, that was what their relationship was like. Not long after, the two head off to do preparations and the Deathglider flies off to face Akai Chino.

Masamichi arrives and is infuriated to see that Akai had killed his own teammate, Grey Fox. He engages the Red Devil in combat. Both pilots are surprised to find that the Deathglider now has a Dominant. Both take off to the skies where the policeman had an advantage. At a surprisingly fast rate, he gains the upper hand. However, the tables are turned around as a sudden pain fills the officer. His yet unhealed wounds open up and he starts bleeding. Despite the overwhelming pain, Masamichi forces himself to fight. This proves to be of no avail, though, as the Blutiger Graf greatly surpasses with ease. Realizing that the situation would only get worse, the policeman decided that he had to settle everything before losing his consciousness. Gather all the strength he had left, he goes for an all-or-nothing attack. The officer succeeds and manages to stab the IR-07/M in the thorax. He removes the sabre upwards, splitting the enemy mecha in half. His adversary explodes and Masamichi lets go of the controls, making his platinum craft enter a free fall. A large crater is made as the machine crashes into the floor. The Deathglider is once again grounded on the floor and the only thing he could do is to watch the haunting "Game Over". This time though, he was victorious. Yuki arrives to check on him and sighs in relief as he sees that the ex-ace pilot was bleeding but smiling. The policeman is carried via helicopter to receive medical attention.

Masamichi's next major appearance is after all the Thirteen Devils are presumed to be either dead or no longer fighting. Atsuka Futami flies over the skyline of Tokyo with the Nemesis, unaware that he flying in Tokyo Police airspace. The policemen, recognizing him immediately as one of the Thirteen Devils, immediately surround him with their mechas. The Black Devil is forced to fight them. Using his craft's superiority, he quickly disarms and dismembers them.
In the Tokyo Police Riot Division's hangars, Masamichi's morning coffee is interrupted by a distress call, reporting of an attack by a black mecha and he rushes to his colleagues' defence. The two engage in a fierce duel, neither able to exploit the enemy's weaknesses. However, midway through the battle, the Deathglider gets the upper hand, breaking the IR-15/H's shield and sending it plummeting to the ground. The police officer proceeds to arrest his opponent but a weapons malfunction occurs and missiles are launched from the platinum craft. However, the Nemesis, eyes flashing red, reanimated itself and leaped out of the way. It was now covered with red markings along it's frame. HIPER mode initiated, the Nemesis does little work of Masamichi's missiles and attacks him with great force. The policeman is overwhelmed at the sudden increase in performance. He avoids death as he blocks the enemy's stab with his shield, causing the hilt of the blade to be jammed. Both mechas ready their canons and fire simultaneously, disabling each other. The two hover above the sky, unable to do anything. They are interrupted however as what seems to be a nuclear explosion erupts in the horizon. Following this, Kin Asano makes an announcement across all of Tokyo, stating that the previous explosion was a warning shot and that they will nuke the city in three days if they are not stopped before then. He also allows the cowardly to run away and informs that there are thirteen nuclear devices hidden about the city. It is found out that five of the devils had survived: Kin, Akai, Murasaki, Nila and Silva. Both pilots leave the battlefield in disbelief.

As Masamichi flies back on autopilot towards Tsukishiro Electronics Industries's HQ and meets up with Yuki along the way. The later informs the other of a cylinder which the Headmaster had addressed to the policeman and they both fly to TEI HQ to crack it. However, the technicians there are unable to open it with Suzuka, being possibly the only who could override the biometric coding, at school. The police officer assures Genya to not worry about it and proceeds to ask the mercenary if he knew anyone that would be of help against the Thirteen Devils. The later comes up with Atsuka and Kanaye but doesn't know how to reach them…until he thinks of Tohru. He calls the Hilta but nobody picks up. The hireling asks the officer if he in turn knew of anyone. Hiro comes to his mind and both of them proceed to the Academy, leaving their mechas behind for repairs. Once there, Masamichi spots a suspicious individual that may be carrying a weapon. He proceeds to inspect the man but he excuses himself and walks away.
Masamichi goes to the nurse's office only to be greeted by Hiro's handgun. The cadet realizes who is at the door and frantically apologizes. Yuki joins them and, after brief introductions, the policeman and ex-policeman aid the cadet and ex-cadet apply first aid to the Headmaster. The later, much to the officer's confusion, seems to already know of Masamichi and opens the cylinder for him but it seems to be damaged. He reveals that he is from a group who "along with another group" are watching the Thirteen Devils. Masamichi explains the situation to Hiro who agrees without a minute of hesitation. As it dawns to the group that it was getting late, they leave one by one. Masamichi passes Hiro his card and tells him to visit Tsukishiro Industries if he needs repairs or extra parts.

Masamichi appears when Hiro and Yuki go to Tsukishiro Electronics Industries's HQ to upgrade their mechas. Whilst drinking tea, he and Suzuka discuss the upgrades on the Deathglider and the Officer requests the removal of the craft's second Neutron Jammer Canceler. Suzuka, knowing the implication of this, is taken aback but understandingly agrees to do so.

The next morning, Masamichi visits Tsukishiro Electronics Industries' hangar and is surprised as he spots the Shiranui and the Ares amongst the three other mechas. He is greeted by Nakamura and Ryouhei who explain that they asked Suzuka to make real-life replicas of their mechas just as she had done with the Deathglider and the Firefly. They discuss about the ASRF-X04 and, as Hiro walks down into the room, Ryouhei rushes to meet him. The policemen and the cadet greet and introduce each other. Then Nakamura proceeds to tell Masamichi the story of how he arrested a strange bloke that was tossing boulders with his mecha. 1440 minutes before Operation XIII, Masamichi wakes up in the hangars and notices that Yuki has gone off already, not attending the briefing. He learns later, from Nakamura, that the briefing itself has been canceled.

May 19, D-Day for Operation XIII, early in the morning at 0700 hours, Masamichi, after making a concerned remark about the unfinished evacuation of civilians, rendezvous with Nakamura and Ryouhei in an asphalt field with Suzuka there to see him off. He apologizes to her, and is rid of all doubts when he sees her smile, stating that she was the panacea of all his problems.

During the battle with the IR-05, Masamichi shot down countless of crafts with the Deathglider, peppering them with machinegun fire, slashing them apart with his beamsaber and ensnaring them with his missiles. However, most of his kills were done by his particle accelerator cannons, obliterating foes it met as the ex-ace pilot flew around in a massive strafing run.

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