Mecha RP

The Mecha RP is an RP made by Shinkirou. It is the most popular RP in Kawaii Heavens, topping a total of 34 pages with 660 posts as of the beginning of August 2008. The idea of a Mecha RP came to Shinkirou due to his past (and maybe present) amazement at Armored Core 4. He then reluctantly proposed a Mecha RP for all the crazed mecha maniacs in KH as of November 7 2007. To his surprise, many were willing to join and the Mecha RP began. The RP is planned to have 4 Phases (Phase 1, Phase 1.5, Phase 2 and Phase 3) although others may be created if necessary.


The Mecha RP takes place in the near future, a late 21st century, where a large Malthusian Crisis had struck the Earth. Overpopulation and the depletion of resources had sparked a global disaster and economies quickly trembled. There is a great unrest within the people worldwide and eventually, everything crumbles. Power hungry governments tear countries apart and are in constant war while big companies sit on thrones built by greed. In this chaotic dystopian world, war has become routine: some fight for power, some fight for money, some fight for vengeance, some fight for religion, some fight for pleasure, some fight to protect while some fight simply because it had become an everyday thing to them. There is not a single moment where a government isn't fighting another. Business of war has become the number one economy of the world and war is the way for everything in the globe. In this war driven world, the pillars of power lay in colossal manned war machines called mechas.
While innumerable parts of the world are riddled with destruction, having nothing less than chaos and poverty, there are still parts of the world where one may find solace: places that have maintained their order and their structures. These were places where people could live a seemingly ordinary and peaceful life and one of these places is Tokyo, which is where our RP begins.

Phase 1

Plot Summary

The RP begins with Officer Masamichi Suzuki of the Tokyo Police Riot Division leaning against the wall, gazing upon the peaceful city of Tokyo. He enters his mecha, an ASRF-X01 unit, as he receives a note from his pager that a large quadruped mecha is ravaging the city. He quickly disables the mecha and arrests the two man crew inside. Upon an interrogation by Investigator Sonozaki, the two reveal that a riot was about to be mounted. While riots were everyday occurrences, this riot was not against the government but a direct assault against the Police Force. Their target is an unprotected Police Academy.

Meanwhile, a mercenary by the name of Kanaye Suzaku enters the Hilta, a tavern which operates the AE Service. He hesitates upon a well paid mission that involves aiding the riot group take over the academy. He ends up by accepting, figuring that he needed the money. Due to his reputation as the "Anti-K" in a local Anti-Mecha PMC, he was given the task of disarming the police mechas that have been stationed around the facility to guard it. As he arrives to the scene, he implants a series of devices that tamper with the mechas (including Masamichi's) and causes them to malfunction.

Inside of the Academy, Police Cadet Hiro Otori had just finished a firearms training exercise, to which he showed great mastery. However, the theory and form tutor, Miyamoto-sensei, points out that the young cadet needs to learn to spare enemies and not just kill every single one of them off. After a 5 minutes break, he then proceeded to a live ammo mecha exercise. He entered a ACT3 unit and was about to proceed facing a drone mecha before Masamichi enters the Academy, announcing that all mechas in their possession have been shut down. A moment of panic between the instructors surface as the riot group begins to march to the establishment. Officer Suzuki sees the cadets in training and concludes that their only resort is to halt the riot boarding the ACT3s along with the cadets. The instructors are reluctant at first but end up agreeing. The cadets thrown into active service are all struck incredulous save for Hiro who sees the event as a chance to test his skills and make a good impression on his superiors. The cadets and officers use the mechas to hold the riot for fifteen minutes before Masamichi's colleagues, Nakamura and Ryouhei, arrive with a squadron of ASRF-X01 units and deal with the riot.

Kanaye visits his clients to find that they had all fled, only leaving him 1/25 of the original reward. This provokes him to compile a report and send it to the Academy where it is picked up by Masamichi who hands it in to Investigator Sonozaki. The hireling then returns to the tavern for another task only to find the Headmaster missing and another file. He starts to find clues about a private illegal organization around the area. As he leaves, he notices that he is being tailed by an armored vehicle. The mercenary decides to make it for the academy, hoping the police would arrest the vehicle. His plan proves efficient as Nakamura and Ryouhei flip the car over and proceed to arrest the driver. However, as the man walks out, he is shot in the head by a sniper. The shooter is revealed to be Mayu Kotosaka from the private anti-government group known as "Vector". The leader of the group is revealed to be Atsuka Futami, the son of a famous mecha inventor: Noboru Futami. He holds a grudge against the Tokyo Police Department because he saw them slaughter his family members. They drive home to their secret base where they finish their maintenance on the group's newest mecha, the Genocide. Atsuka and Mayu decide to head off and give their mechas a spin.

Back at the academy, Kanaye enters the building after having parked his mecha, an SLF unit, and stumbles across Tohru Aiyaka, a close friend of his. They make their way inside and hope to convince the cadets in joining his operation in the inspection of recent suspicious activity. However, the officers see them and identifies them as intruders. Tohru responds by revealing that they were past students of the academy but the policemen aren't convinced, suspecting them of fraud. However, Investigator Sonozaki, who recognizes the Anti-K since he's worked with the mercenary several times, steps in and assures the officers that the two are not hostile. The investigator then apologizes to Kanaye, explaining to him that security had tightened over the past year. The two have a quick chat before they part ways.

Circling the city, Masamichi encounters Atsuka and Mayu up in the sky and attempts to arrest them for not having a mecha permit. However, they kick his mecha to the ground. Upon a conversation with the two, though, the officer learns that the two were from Vector. Kanaye and Tohru meet up with Hiro and it is revealed that they used to hang out with each other. An emergency call comes and Hiro, despite being a cadet, is asked to aid Masamichi. Kanaye and Tohru, piloting the same mecha, darted their way towards Atsuka and Mayu while Hiro made sure Officer Suzuki was safe. They catch up with Kanaye later and a fight broke out between the vector and the police. The Genocide is damaged and they retreat back to base.

The next day, Yuki Uehara, an American ex-policeman, searched for a job at the Hilta and meet both Kanaye and Tohru. Meanwhile, Atsuka recalls matters about the Thirteen Devils, a group he was once in. He decides to go to the Hilta and show his face. He meets up with the gang there but doesn't stay long before he gets a call from Mayu, telling him to return. He arrives to find the Thirteen Devils, asking him to join them again. Atsuka declines and the Devils flew off. They decided to make a ruckus and three mechas deployed (piloted by Midori Morino, Nori Hikari and Grey Fox). Midori is sent flying as Kanaye plants a gadget on her mecha. Noki is killed by Yuki as he is stabbed in the torso. Atsuka notices Midori and convinces her to jettison her seat. He catches her and she climbs into his mecha. He decides to hide her inside his base to keep her from getting punished.

Two other members of the Thirteen Devils (Aoi Sorano and Murasaki Kizuno) track down Kanaye. Tohru finds out that she is being followed by strange men and rushes back into the tavern (Hilta). Atsuka decides to pay the Hilta another visit and finds Tohru running away. Yuki also notices the men and shoots his assault rifle. The men, knowing they'd do much better than to fight a mecha, retreated. Gazing from a distance, the cruelest of the Thirteen Devils is revealed. He is known as Akai Chino and pilots a red mecha. He hovers there, watching but doesn't make a single move. Yuki exits his mecha and enters the tavern to find a confused Tohru and Atsuka. Suddenly, men in black suits barge into Hilta's. Yuki, ex-police instincts kicking in, tells the two others to leave while he keeps the intruders busy. Atsuka and Tohru enter Yuki's prototype mecha (PTT-2) and take off. He then uses whatever he had to defeat the men. Outside, Atsuka encounters Akai and is quickly taken down. He is knocked and left unconscious in the mecha's cockpit. Tohru pulled him out and he eventually came to.

Meanwhile, Masamichi had reported about Vector. Investigator Sonozaki instantly recognized the name and knew of something urgent. He guides Masamichi to the archives where he explains that there was once a group in the game Masamichi used to play known as the Thirteen Devils. These hacked into the server and completely modified the game to into their plaything. This group wanted to turn the game into real life and commissioned the making of mechas similar to their online ones. The Futami Corporation was involved with this gang and agreed to make the mechas. When the police found out about this, an attempt was made to arrest them but they failed. Fearing the Thirteen Devils, the government sent the special forces, disguised as policemen to avoid commotion, and the Futami family was slaughtered (except for Atsuka which is why he bears a grudge). The pager beeps and Grey Fox is found attacking the Academy.

Masamichi charged to the scene and confronted Grey Fox. He was winning until his cockpit's door flung open (due to the tampering from a hired professional). Grey Fox sent the officer flying out with a kick. The deputies, along with the cadets were forced to board the new ADATs and defeated the grey devil's mecha.

While all that happened, Kanaye, running away from the two devils chasing him, was charging so fast, he tripped and fell into a lake. He then remembered about the game he had once played and that he was fighting the team he used to have fun with.

Masamichi wakes up in the hospital after having a dream. He was once the ace player of the game before the devils kicked in. He was asked by the GMs to fight the Devils while they got the server from crashing. Remembering everything, he tries to move but finds out that he has broken bones. He is visited by Suzuka Tsukishiro, daughter of the president of Tsukishiro Electronics Industries who also happened to be his childhood friend.

Tohru heads to the warehouse and repairs and old mecha that Kanaye had put away. She notices IR-18/P (meaning that it's a Thirteen Devils' Mecha). She then rushes to the academy to see mechas fighting (two Devils by the name of Liner Rovick and Nila Hirth went to rescue Grey Fox). She also picks up Yuki on the way (who had collapsed due to blood loss). She charges at the three Devils and Yuki accidentally fires an anti-matter weapon, seriously damaging the Orange Devil. Atsuka notices that they're piloting the IR-18/P and finds out a few things. He also spots Mayu and Midori coming for him and tells Tohru to let him down. Before Atsuka leaves, Midori gives him a "key" and refuses to explain what it's for. Back at the base, he is visited by Silva, a new member of the Thirteen Devils and invites Atsuka to join them. He refuses to join and Silva warns him that he'll be considered an enemy. At the meantime, Tohru and Yuki attempt to bypass a guard using Kanaye's gadgets in order to escape. Tohru then began to look for Kanaye, who found her instead. They start heading towards the police station but are blocked by Shiro Fuyuno, another member of the Thirteen Devils, who shouts out Kanaye's identity as the Silberner Zestorer. Kanaye rebukes him for involving Tohru. Listening to their conversation, Yuki remembers that he also took part in the game and that he was recruited alongside Masamichi in order to stop the devils. Atsuka, having spotted the white devil earlier, joins them in the Genocide while calling Mayu for sniper support. Together, they engage Shiro's squadron (consisting of the former, Shion Norvano and Murasaki Kizuno). Kanaye ejects the passengers on board the IR-18/P. Yuki brings Tohru to a safe distance before a mecha approaches them. The ex-policeman realizes that the craft matched the blueprints of the LW-3 that he was planning to build. The cockpit opens, revealing no pilot inside. Upon full inspection and several experiments, the mercenary concludes that the mecha was very well manufactured for his sake. It is later revealed by a dialogue between Genya Tsukishiro and his daughter that it was the president of Tsukishiro Electronics Industries who ordered it's creation.

Returning to the fight, Atsuka takes down the Bronze Devil and disables the purple one with ease. Shiro orders a retreat and the still operating mechas leave the combat area. Shion leaves the cockpit of the nearly destroyed IR-17/P. Much to Mayu's surprise, the Black Devil and Shion have a seemingly friendly and melancholic conversation. After destroying her mecha, the former decides to let go of her unrequited love for Kin Asano, leader of the Thirteen Devils, and returns to her country.

Looking outside at the chaos of the fight, Masamichi decides that he could no longer stay in the hospital and watch. He forces himself out of his room before Suzuka sees him and intercepts. The officer tells her that he was not letting anyone stop him. The girl assures him that everything will be fine. She informs him that it is not yet the time for him to act and that, when the said time does come, 'it' will be waiting for him. A puzzled Masamichi boards Suzuka's limousine and is taken to Tsukishiro Electronics Industries' headquarters. The president's daughter then reveals to him that, just as Noboru Futami reprocreated the Thirteen Devils' in-game mechas, Tsukishiro Ind. had reproduced the policeman's in-game mecha: the Deathglider. As Masamichi is on his way to returning to the hospital, he catches a glimpse of the IR-07/M and his memory clears up. He then recalls his nemesis and dementor, the Blutiger Graf.

Fighting continues at the academy. Although the devils have been damaged by the IR-18/P, the defendants of the facility still face trouble. The deputy headmaster is knocked out cold. Hiro, seeing the Orange Devil about to perform the finishing blow, rushes between them and cuts the invader in two. Unbeknown to him, though, the craft's upper half still moved and attached itself onto the deputy headmaster's ADAT. Liner self-destructs his mecha, taking the headmaster with him. A tearful Nila flies away, swearing revenge. Hiro chases her and corners the Cyan Devil who turns, preparing to fight. However, Akai Chino decides to thwart the scene of vengeance and steps in between the two. He kicks the IR-11/N away and dismembers the cadet's craft. Thinking that death was imminent, Hiro prepares for a last stand. This reminds Red Devil of a foe with a similar will he had once face before; someone that was not afraid to die: Masamichi Suzuki. Losing interest in the battle, he flies off, intrigued.

Once having reached his "workshop", Yuki finds the schematics of the LW-3 along with several files containing videos of the building process of the craft as well as the fate of the PTT-2. There was also a picture of the Deathglider. Seeing that the former craft has been made into reality, the mercenary decides to turn the LW-3 into the Firefly, his own in-game mecha. A yellow stray cat infiltrates his place of dwelling and fools around before running off. The owner of the cat, Noki-chan, is revealed to be Suzuka who goes looking for him. She finds him at the trashyard and, although feeling insecure, is compelled to enter out of curiousity (since she aspires to be an engineer). Noki darts off and the girl chases after him. He finds Yuki working on a mecha. Recognizing the craft's schematic, she immediately knew who the man was and greeted him. Introducing herself, she informs the mercenary that it was her father that built the LW-3. She then asks him if he could join Masamichi in his fight against the Thirteen Devils. The ex-policeman replies that he has no intention of teaming up with anyone but that they will be allies during the fight. Afterwards, they stray from the subject at hand and chat about the good things in life. Upon nightfall, realizing how late it was, Suzuka thanks Yuki once more and decides it was time for her to get back home.

At the Thirteen Devils' base, Murasaki learns the identity of the one who killed his little brother, Noki, and vows to kill Yuki. Kin is informed by Akai of Atsuka's strength and decides to go see for himself. Aoi is reluctant to let him go but he assures her that he will not fall. He boards his golden mecha and flies to Vector's base. Again with Mayu providing sniper support, the Black Devil sorties with the Genocide to confront the Golden King. He is overwhelmed by the enemy's orbital devices at first. Kin urges Atsuka to use his Berserk Mode to defeat him and threatens to wipe off everyone in Vector until he does so. This provokes memories of his slaughtered family and he initiates Berserk Mode. The two charge at each other with beamsabers but the IR-19/E's passes right through that of the Genocide and cuts off it's arm. It is revealed to him that he is using a "Dominant" High-Output Beamsaber, an energy sword so powerful, it renders the older beamsabers obsolete. As a last revelation, Kin tells him that his so-called "Headmaster" was not dead nor missing but that he's been supporting and funding the Thirteen Devils all along. With that said, the Golden Devil flies off, leaving Atsuka lost in thoughts.

While the cadets of the Police Academy were all fast asleep, huge trucks come in and deliver an entire squad of the newly released ASRF-X02 units. The next morning, the Headmaster of the academy explains to the cadets that the UJPC decided that the facility was of high importance and, due to the recent attacks made by the Thirteen Devils on the institute, they have decided to send in their newest mecha model to help defend the academy. A group of the most prodigious cadets (including Hiro) were chosen to pilot the new crafts. As the headmaster dismisses everyone, he tells Hiro and Tadao to stay and commends them on their piloting skills as well as gallantry when fighting the Devils. Unbeknown to the cadets, the headmaster hides the fact that a separate delivery also came in. This one contained Kurata Heavy Industries' prototype for the series, known as Project Gladiator. A great project held in secrecy between companies, a unit that was only known through rumours, it was the prototype for the ultimate police mecha ever built up till then: ASRF-X04.

Atsuka decides that he needed stronger equipment and, along with Mayu and Midori (who pestered to go), visits his house up north to search for blueprints that may be of use. After hours of searching, he finds the design for the Dominant, Before he leaves, he notices that the pictures in his house have been tampered with and that someone went to steal schematics. A troubled Atsuka remains silent the entire day. Midori decides that it is time to reveal the truth.

Thirsting for revenge, Murasaki rampages across the city, screaming out for Yuki. Recognizing it as an obvious challenge, the mercenary boards the LW-3 and goes to duel him. The two engage in a fierce melee battle and appear to stalemate each other at first but, due to mechanical failure in the IR-13/U's arms, Yuki gains the upper hand and decapitates the enemy craft. However, as he was about to deliver the Coup de Grace, he was shot by the adversary's plasma canon (which he didn't notice due to his tired state). The beam hits the LW-3's chest and the unit goes silent. Satisfied with the temporary victory, the purple devil shifts into Claw mode and disappears into the sky.
The ex-policeman wakes up in the hospital, finding himself in the same room as Masamichi. Due to him being strapped down, he assumes himself prisoner of the Thirteen Devils. He notices Suzuka entering the room and thinks she is there to save him. The girl is confused at first but realizes the misunderstanding and decides to play along.

Sleeping next to the two, Masamichi dreams about the past, of the game four years ago. It is revealed in the flashback that the police officer used to be the top-rank player and was really adept at making quickly calculated counters. His attitude is shown to be completely different, having a high ego and being somewhat ruthless. He was completely absorbed by the game and, as a result, gave very little concern about his non-virtual life. This is a fact that greatly troubled Suzuka who stood by his side, watching him play everyday. One day a guild known as the Thirteen Devils managed to hack into the game, making their mechas overpowered and removing the option to respawn. The GMs concentrated on nullifying the hacking but they could not prevent the site from crashing while keeping the devils in check at the same time. Thus, a group of players were recruited to face the hackers as a mean of buying time. Of course, amongst them was the Rank One player. Yuki is shown to have been introduced by Nakamura. Together they charge up to the marauders, attempting a last stand. The resistance is obliterated in a matter of seconds. The Deathglider manages to make it out alive. He spots Akai Chino and engages him in combat. However, it was all futile: he is overwhelmed and his mecha is destroyed. Masamichi is left to stare at the flashing "Game Over" sign, unable to do anything.
The police officer wakes up, and notes how, on that day, his life changed completely and that Suzuka had been faithfully by his side no matter what. The later, who notices him awake, goes to bid him good morning. The policeman looks outside and notices that it is snowing. This is rather bizarre due to the fact that it was late spring at the time. The daughter of Tsukishiro Electronics Industries' president states that it is the second this happened and that the first time was during their battle with the Thirteen Devils four years ago. She then proceeds to ask both men in the room if they believed in destiny. She tells them that she does and that she believes that they are fated to fight the devils again. However, this time, they would win.

At Vector's headquarters, Midori is about to tell Atsuka the truth before they are interrupted by an emergency battle alert. The IR-18/R is detected within the vicinity. The organisation's leader concludes that the Devils are launching another attack and orders the readying of the equipment.
The Silver Devil finds the IR-18/P and rushes to meet his predecessor, unaware of the fact that Tohru is the one piloting it. The girl displays some resistance using the mecha's various equipment but her lack of experience on piloting and the long delay for the IR-18/P's transformation, she loses the fight and is forced to eject from her craft. As soon as she hits ground, she is taken away by a man in black.
Atsuka deploys to take on Silva. Midori also wants to join them but Vector's master refuses to let her due to the fact that he does not want to see her hurt. He forcefully gets her away from him and takes off. A teary-eyed Midori storms into her room, upset. As they were en route, Shiro appears before them and intercepts. The White Devil shows a much greater display of skill than the previous time they met. He outmaneuvers the Black Devil and exploits of Mayu's vulnerability, claiming it to be his weakness. Shiro closes in melee range but is surprised as Atsuka parries it with a Dominant of his own. He decides to show his trues power and short-circuits the Genocide using a grappling gun. He then slices off the ASRF-X03/X's right arm.
Back at the base, Midori boards her IR-06 without permission and flies to the battlefield. She saves the Black Devil from almost certain death using her plasma canon. However, losing the element of surprise, she proves to be no longer effective against the other devil. Shiro inquires the Green Devil about her loyalty. She responds to him by revealing that she never had any intention of carrying out the Thirteen Devils' plan and that the only reason she joined was because of Atsuka. Acknowledging her as a traitor, Shiro stabs Midori's craft in the torso and splits it in half. Mayu puts her life on the line to distract the superior mecha as Vector's leader goes to catch the falling cockpit. However, he is too late and the pilot of the IR-06 suffers great shock. He pulls out a bloody Midori who comes to and asks him to take her to a specific location. They arrive at a secret tunnel in an abandoned building where the young girl reveals to Atsuka the shocking truth that it was the Thirteen Devils that had the government eliminate Noboru Futami. She then presents to him the IR-15/H Nemesis, the mecha destined for the Black Devil as a parting gift before becoming lifeless. Atsuka, unable to hold in his sadness, yells out her name in grief and bursts into tears.

In the skies, Mayu is losing really badly against the White Devil. As she is about to lose, the Nemesis appears. Now seeking for revenge, Atsuka goes into full Berserk Mode. His mecha transforms and reveals red stripes which seem reflect his feelings. The IR-15/H greatly overpowers the IR-14/P and, within a matter of seconds, strips it of it's weapons. Seeing death's approach, Shiro attempts to take the Black Devil with him by self-destructing. However, knowing this, Atsuka stabs the enemy in the cockpit before he could do so. The White Devil laughs in spite of this and yells out the fact that the Thirteen Devils were, from the very start, founded by Noboru Futami. Shiro laughs maniacally before his mecha explodes. Atsuka is once again left to ponder upon a cruel truth.
Upon their return to Vector's base, Atsuka is surprised to find Midori's body missing.

Suzuka locates both the IR-07/M and the IR-13/U. She tells Masamichi and Yuki that their mechas have been upgraded by Tsukishiro Ind. and bids them to go confront their enemies. The trio sneak out of the hospital and enter the girl's limousine. The driver, Samejima, speeds to Tsukishiro Ind.'s headquarters (much to Yuki's amusement) while Masamichi rants about Traffic Laws. There, they are greeted by Genya Tsukishiro who guides the American mercenary to his mecha. Masamichi is about to follow when Suzuka stops him. She is about to say something but asks him to forget about it. The atmosphere becomes somewhat serious and uneasy all of a sudden. The policeman apologizes to the girl about mistreating her four years ago but she seems to not have been bothered by it. Figuring that his childhood friend would eventually tell him, he makes his way to the entrance of the building. Just as he steps on the door frame, she calls out to him. Turning around, the officer is mesmerized by the sight of sakura petals brushing gently past her. It is at that moment that Masamichi's affection for her suddenly awakens (although, he himself is oblivious to the fact). Suzuka confesses that she actually wished for his deafeat four years ago. She also apologizes for a specific event that occurred between them four years ago. It was never revealed what the said event was. The policeman holds her in a tight embrace and comforts her.
The two stay in that position for a while, staring at the snow gently falling from above. None of them are dressed for the cold weather but they're both compensated by each other's warmth. Masamichi notes that, throughout their lives, that was what their relationship was like. Not long after, the two head off to do preparations and the Deathglider flies off to face Akai Chino.

Grey Fox escapes prison using his stealth skills. He had been tracking down the movements of his comrades via GPS and notices that many of his comrades have fallen. He believes this to be the result of using a frontal assault. He exits the jail to find the IR-07/M there, waiting for him. He thinks it is here to pick him up but Akai gives no response. Finally, he states that the Grey Devil is no longer needed and proceeds to kill him.
Masamichi arrives and is infuriated to see that Akai had killed his own teammate. He engages the Red Devil in combat. Both pilots are surprised to find that the Deathglider now has a Dominant. Both take off to the skies where the policeman had an advantage. At a surprisingly fast rate, he gains the upper hand. However, the tables are turned around as a sudden pain fills the officer. His yet unhealed wounds open up and he starts bleeding. Despite the overwhelming pain, Masamichi forces himself to fight. This proves to be of no avail, though, as the Blutiger Graf greatly surpasses with ease. Realizing that the situation would only get worse, the policeman decided that he had to settle everything before losing his consciousness. Gather all the strength he had left, he goes for an all-or-nothing attack. The officer succeeds and manages to stab the IR-07/M in the thorax. He removes the sabre upwards, splitting the enemy mecha in half. His adversary explodes and Masamichi lets go of the controls, making his platinum craft enter a free fall. A large crater is made as the machine crashes into the floor. The Deathglider is once again grounded on the floor and the only thing he could do is to watch the haunting "Game Over". This time though, he was victorious.

Yuki rushes to the crater and quickly opens the cockpit of Masamichi's mecha to find the ex-ace pilot bleeding but smiling. Sighing in relief, he notifies Suzuka who arrives via helicopter and bring him to a hospital.
Murasaki sees the explosion and decides to go there, looking for fun. Yuki notices this and goes to meet the enemy as to draw his attention away from Masamichi. The two land on the ground and charge at each other with beam blades. The Firefly's sabre passes right through that of the IR-13/U due to the fact that it is a Dominant. This forces the Purple Devil to stick to ranged weapons. The devil's beam rifle proves ineffective as the shots either get dodged or deflected. However, similar to their last battle, the ex-policeman is caught off guard by the plasma cannon. The mercenary barely manages to deflect the beam to another direction. He makes a tactical retreat but knows that his adversary will tail him. He desires to go to a deserted area where he could fight to his heart's content. He enters a junkyard and attempts to hide in the trash. However, he forgets the fact that he was still detectable within radar. The IR-13/U shoots it's plasma cannon at the Firefly that had minimal mobility due to being buried under the junk. Yuki manages to evade the attack but is soon showered with a barrage of lasers. Trying to think of a solution, the ex-policeman spots a few compacted trash-cubes. The mercenary uses the cubes as decoys and Murasaki is quick to notice it. He starts ignoring the decoys and searches for his real target. Unbeknown to him, the Firefly had hidden itself within one of the cubes that the Purple Devil dodged. Suddenly, it lunges out at it's unsuspecting adversary who tries to fire his plasma cannon but couldn't due to overheating. An explosion takes place and Yuki's mecha emerges from the flames, victorious.

Atsuka questions the people to whom he handed Midori's body to. Much to his disbelief, he finds out that she is still alive and is being hospitalized at Roppongi Hospital. He and Mayu immediately rush to the hospital to see her. They arrive and find out that she is in a coma. The doctor says that he can save her provided the necessary amount of money is given. Being the successor to Noboru's company, this was no big deal to Atsuka.
Suddenly, they receive a call from Vector's Tactical Information Center confirming that the IR-19/E as well as the IR-12/B have been deployed. Atsuka quickly rushes to the Nemesis and flies towards Kin's location. They have a gunnery duel with neither of them being able to hit each other. The Golden Devil states that he will never be able to defeat him so long as he does not unleash his Berserk Mode. Kin tells him that he will not be able to protect anything in his current state. This triggers a spark in Atsuka and reminds him of the time he failed to protect Midori. This provokes him to enter Berserk Mode. His mecha transforms once again, revealing the red markings. Kin stands there, stupefied and speechless at the sight. Never before had he seen any mecha like it. Something comes up in his mind and he realizes that it's the HIPER mode. His craft's performance rising off the charts, Atsuka overwhelms and is about to kill the Golden Devil before Aoi steps in between them. However, the Blue Devil is easily knocked aside. The Black Devil goes for the killing blow on Kin when Aoi attempts to use herself as a shield. Both Gold and Blue devils are impaled. The later spirals down and Atsuka goes after her. He opens up her cockpit only to find her pointing her gun at him. He grabs out his gun as well and shoots away her weapon. Her then proceeds to inquire her about his father.
Mayu receives notice that her Master has yet to return. She rushes to the scene to find the Black Devil kneeling on the ground beside the bullet-riddled corpse of Aoi. Vector's leader tells her that he had been going the wrong path all along and asks her if his group would forgive him for all the trouble he caused. The girl assures him that they will and that she will stand by his side, no matter what. Before they leave, Atsuka passes near the Blue Devil and thanks her. It is revealed in a flashback the contents of their conversation. The Black Devil finds out about the origins of the Thirteen Devils and how they decided to kill Noboru Futami when he decided to stop creating destructive mechas. Aoi then provokes him to the point of killing her. With her dying words, she implores him to stop what they had set in motion. It is also hinted in the conversation that there is another group working besides the Thirteen Devils.

Yuki, exhausted from his previous fight with Murasaki, prepares to fly home when he stumbles on to the wreck where Silva had destroyed the IR-18/P. He is confronted by the new Silver Devil who tells him that a little girl was piloting the destroyed craft. The mercenary instantly deduced that it was Tohru. Thinking that he had lost her, the hireling proceeds to engage him in a duel when Kanaye steps in. Jumping about the place without a single trace of seriousness, Silberner begins to taunt Marquez. The two engage in CQC using their mechas. Kanaye eventually defeats his opponent but decides to let him escape, remembering of how he was beguiled by Kin Asano, believing that all other devils had simply just been led astray by him.

Nila assaults the academy and demands for Hiro. Much to the cadet's confusion and dismay, every other trainee is sent on X02 Units to face the assailant save for him and Tadao. The academy's headmaster appears to explain that he thought they ought to have a break but as all X02 units are shot down, he asks them to sortie as well. Hiro is entrusted with Project Gladiator due to having shown superior piloting abilities and the direct threat to him. Hiro protests and thinks that he should go alone but Tadao assures him that he'll do fine. The two engage the IR-11/N to find that all of there strafing attacks prove to be useless against the enemy's wing shield. The X04 pilot decides that they should switch to melee maneuvers. Tadao is reluctant but follows along. While one deliberately attacked the shield, the other tried to find a hole in the cyan mecha's defense. They manage to inflict a few cuts but nothing serious was dealt. The battle drifts from the academy to a nearby factory. The Cyan Devil unleashes a volley of rockets which keep Hiro occupied. During the chaos and distraction, the IR-11/N closes in on Tadao and cuts his mecha in half, killing him. The remaining cadet, infuriated, takes his mecha and hides behind the concrete shed of the yard. His opponent waits for him to come out of hiding but he never does. Instead, he readies the two massive cannons found on the Project Gladiator's back and shoots through his cover. Nila attempts to block the shots with her wing shields but it proves to be no match for the cannons' immense calibre. Seeing the IR-11/N explode, Hiro leaves, mourning his friend.

A few weeks after, Yuki attempts to track down Tohru but fails. He arrives at the Hilta and finds a suspicious individual leaving in a car and decides to tail him. As he does, he notices on the Firefly's radar that a mecha is heading their way. He suspects that the person inside is a VIP, which is further confirmed as the car speeds up. As the person enters the mecha, Yuki attempts to communicate with it. It is discovered that the person is actually Atsuka Futami. The mercenary asks him if he knows about Tohru's whereabouts but his question was never answered: almost instantly after, the girl appears, asking the two for assistance, much to a dumbfounded Yuki. She informs them that the tavern's employees have all abandoned the place and, as such, she needs help cleaning up. The mercenary declines, saying that he has repairs to do. Atsuka, deeming his presence unnecessary, decides to leave, prompting Tohru to follow him. The Black Devil resolves to leave, even if it means using force. However, before either of them could do anything, a suited man comes out of an alley and throws a smoke bomb between in two, confusing both of them. The two mechas lose sight of each other. Amidst the chaos, Yuki takes the chance to slip away. A desperate Tohru decides to go to the Academy to seek out Kanaye. As she arrives, she is surprised to find no one inside. After long hours of searching, she meets up with Hiro who explains that most of the people have taken their leave due to the facility's status. He also explains to her their past fight with the Thirteen Devils, the casualties and the poor state of the Academy. He then asks the girl of her reason for coming. She tells him that she is being tracked by men in black suits and that she was there to retrieve information which was located in the facility's computers. The scene then changes to two suited men standing by near them. It is revealed that some higher authority desires that she retrieves the intelligence and that they were there to protect her from a possible assassination attempt.

Somewhere far off in an office, men clad in formal wear, including a man with a western cut, discuss about whether their identities have been blown. One of them assures the other that their profile is low and their company takes their public name so no one is aware of their plans. Other matters are discussed which serves as foreshadowing of the future phase.

Atsuka Futami flies over the skyline of Tokyo with the Nemesis, unaware that he flying in Tokyo Police airspace. The policemen, recognizing him immediately as one of the Thirteen Devils, immediately surround him with their mechas. The Black Devil is forced to fight them. Using his craft's superiority, he quickly disarms and dismembers them.
In the Tokyo Police Riot Division's hangars, Masamichi's morning coffee is interrupted by a distress call, reporting of an attack by a black mecha.
A second wave of X01 units attack Atsuka. At first, he is taken aback by the elite force's advanced weaponry but quickly regains his edge and dispatches of them. He then notices another mecha but is surprised to find out that this one was different from the rest. The platinum mecha, upon scanning, is identified as the TICM-U01 "Deathglider"; it was Masamichi who had come to defend his colleagues. The two engage in a fierce duel, neither able to exploit the enemy's weaknesses. However, midway through the battle, the Deathglider gets the upper hand, breaking the IR-15/H's shield and sending it plummeting to the ground. The police officer proceeds to arrest his opponent but a weapons malfunction occurs and missiles are launched from the platinum craft. However, the Nemesis, eyes flashing red, reanimated itself and leaped out of the way. It was now covered with red markings along it's frame. HIPER mode initiated, the Nemesis does little work of Masamichi's missiles and attacks him with great force. The policeman is overwhelmed at the sudden increase in performance. He avoids death as he blocks the enemy's stab with his shield, causing the hilt of the blade to be jammed. Both mechas ready their canons and fire simultaneously, disabling each other. The two hover above the sky, unable to do anything. They are interrupted however as what seems to be a nuclear explosion erupts in the horizon. Following this, Kin Asano makes an announcement across all of Tokyo, stating that the previous explosion was a warning shot and that they will nuke the city in three days if they are not stopped before then. He also allows the cowardly to run away and informs that there are thirteen nuclear devices hidden about the city. It is found out that five of the devils had survived: Kin, Akai, Murasaki, Nila and Silva. Both pilots leave the battlefield in disbelief.

A woman walks away from the scene where Hiro and Tohru are conversing. She makes a status report to an unknown source, using codenames for various mechas/characters. Yuki decides to take a stop at the Academy and notices her walking out. An old man in casual clothes tosses a cylinder to be delivered to Masamichi. The mercenary is startled by this and ponders upon the intentions of the sender before proceeding to deliver it ASAP. It is later revealed that this old man was "The Headmaster" and that he was giving the police a little "hint". This infuriated the two suited men who beat his with electric rods.
Meanwhile, the Hiro and Tohru converse about life and everything that's been going on before the man with the western cut approached them. The cadet, alerted, holds the man in an arm lock and points his gun at him, asking him of his objective. The man tells him that he simply wants to know if they knew the person that just left. He introduces himself as Akito Norman, who runs an alloy company in Tokyo. The three walk outside to talk before being interrupted by the blinding light of the nuclear explosion. The three duck down and manage to rise from the shockwaves unharmed. Akito drives off to investigate the explosion, leaving puzzled Hiro and Tohru to figure things out for their own. The cadet, alerted by all the strange events that occurred, quickly rushes to his firearms instructor's desk to grab some ammunition for his P30. He regroups with the girl to find "The Headmaster" terribly injured (by the beating and the shockwave) crawling towards them. More foreshadowing occurs as a blue mecha flies above them, doing a status report. The two carry the wounded man up to the Nurse's Office. On their way, a man in black pulls out a pistol and shoots at Tohru. He misses and decides to withdraw. However, as he is about to leave, the two suited men knock him unconscious. The cadet and the ex-cadet, after waiting out five minutes, decide they are safe and resume their actions.

As Masamichi flies back on autopilot towards Tsukishiro Electronics Industries's HQ and meets up with Yuki along the way. The later informs the other of the cylinder and they both fly to TEI HQ to crack it. However, the technicians there are unable to open it with Suzuka, being possibly the only who could override the biometric coding, at school. The police officer assures Genya to not worry about it and proceeds to ask the mercenary if he knew anyone that would be of help against the Thirteen Devils. The later comes up with Atsuka and Kanaye but doesn't know how to reach them…until he thinks of Tohru. He calls the Hilta but nobody picks up. The hireling asks the officer if he in turn knew of anyone. Hiro comes to his mind and both of them proceed to the Academy, leaving their mechas behind for repairs. Once there, Masamichi spots a suspicious individual that may be carrying a weapon. He proceeds to inspect the man but he excuses himself and walks away. Once outside, he finds that the two men in suits have been waiting for him. They draw out revolvers and send the man to his death.
Masamichi goes to the nurse's office only to be greeted by Hiro's handgun. The cadet realizes who is at the door and frantically apologizes. Yuki joins them and, after brief introductions, the policeman and ex-policeman aid the cadet and ex-cadet apply first aid to the Headmaster. The later, much to the officer's confusion, seems to already know of Masamichi and opens the cylinder for him but it seems to be damaged. He reveals that he is from a group who "along with another group" are watching the Thirteen Devils. He also reveals acquaintance with Kanaye. Returning to the topic of the Devils, Yuki remembers what they were there for. He asks Tohru for Atsuka's cellular phone number. After a few attempts, he gets through to the later. Atsuka assures him that he and Vector will fight to protect Tokyo and that he diodn't need to ask in the first place. Masamichi explains the situation to Hiro who agrees without a minute of hesitation. As it dawns to the group that it was getting late, they leave one by one. Masamichi passes Hiro his card and tells him to visit Tsukishiro Industries if he needs repairs or extra parts.

Meanwhile, in the Thirteen Devils' base, Silva laments over his humiliating defeat by Kanaye. He devotes his every restless moments since then to analyze every one of his predecessor's moves, swearing to sentence him to hell.

Atsuka rendezvous with Professor Tanaka whom he asked to inspect the Nemesis. He finds an irregularity within the craft and identifies it to be a HIPER drive. After searching up some documents, he explains the origins and the nature of the device, stating it as a double-edged sword. He explains that, when activated, it can grasp quantum brain waves to read the pilot's intentions and answer to it, even altering or exceeding the performance of the mecha. However, it can only be activated when the pilot's mental stress reaches extreme levels. When in use, there is no shielding to the mecha and it remains active until the mecha's energy, which depletes rapidly in this mode, runs out or at the pilot's death. On top of that, there are nefarious side effects due to high stress to the user's mind.

Back at the Academy, Hiro is disheartened to see that no one was attending to the Gladiator's repairs. He voices his concern to one of the supervisor engineers who explains that they do not have the adequate equipment and parts necessary to finish the task and, with the bomb scarce, are unable to order any. It was then of course that the Police Officer's parting words returned to him. Ignoring the shouts of the mechanics and convincing his classmate, Yamauchi to open the gates, he boards the craft and exits for Tsukishiro Electronics Industries' building. The head mechanic had agrees to work on the ASRF-X04 as soon as he sees Masamichi's card. Why a Policeman would need to use a third-party company instead of the Police Department was beyond the cadet. He is given clearance to stay overnight at the motel section of the building and he goes about admire the luxury of the place. Staring into a cup of coffee, he contemplates on his vengeance on the Cyan Devil. However, his dark thoughts are interrupted as a tanoy calls Yuki Uehara to the Firefly. The hireling, albeit feeling bad for exploiting the workers, dropped by for repairs and was surprised to see them already awaiting him. Curious, Hiro decides to head to the hangar area. He meets with the older pilot and are about to introduce each other when Suzuka walks out of the shadows, adding to the conversation with Masamichi not far behind her. She offers to get them drinks and the four settle down in the lounge. There, Yuki proposes a friendly bet with the cadet on whether the officer and the young lady would become a couple before or after Operation XIII. Hiro chooses the later. On a more serious note, the ex-policeman warns the cadet that nothing can prepare one for murder while reminiscing of old memories. Hiro replies by saying that he had already seen it twice and is willing to kill once again. Yuki is unsettled by his willingness to kill, predicting that he may fall into a dark path in the future. In the meantime, Masamichi and Suzuka discuss the upgrades on the Deathglider and the Officer requests the removal of the craft's second Neutron Jammer Canceler. Suzuka, knowing the implication of this, is taken aback but understandingly agrees to do so. She informs the men that upgrades and repairs would all be done in an hour. Yuki decides to take a room and proceeds to go through a door, not realizing that it was in fact a janitor's closet and ends up littered in cleaning tools before sheepishly making his way out of the lounge, into his room and falls into a deep slumber. It is found out that it is the anniversary of his parents' death.

We receive once again a glimpse of what is happening in the Thirteen Devils' base when Kin inquires Nila Hirth about the progress of their crafts' DEVIL mode. The later swears to avenge Grey Fox and Liner Rovick.

The next morning, Masamichi visits Tsukishiro Electronics Industries' hangar and is surprised as he spots the Shiranui and the Ares amongst the three other mechas. He is greeted by Nakamura and Ryouhei who explain that they asked Suzuka to make real-life replicas of their mechas just as she had done with the Deathglider and the Firefly. They discuss about the ASRF-X04 and, as Hiro walks down into the room, Ryouhei rushes to meet him. The policemen and the cadet greet and introduce each other. Then Nakamura proceeds to tell Masamichi the story of how he arrested a strange bloke that was tossing boulders with his mecha.

The 'strange bloke' turned out to be Kanaye who was 'golfing' with his IR-20/K whilst waiting for Operation XIII to commence and meditating on things of the past. Just as he gets motivated to fight the terrorists, he is arrested by Nakamura for "Unauthorized piloting of mecha in Tokyo Airspace, for vandalism of multiple buildings and conduct of potentially dangerous acts". In the police station, Kanaye throws a modified flashbang and manages to escape the building. He hijacks a nearby vehicle and proceeds to exit the vicinity when he suddenly notices the massive amount of traffic due to evacuating civillians. Unable to stop, he crashes into them and flees the scene before any commotion. Next, he hides in the alleys to avoid patrolling X01s and notices a glimpse of the IR-15/H. He decides to chase it.

While all this happened, we get a glance of Silva Marquez in a dark room, viewing video footage of the IR-20/K and analyzing it's every move while repeating: "Burn in hell, Silberner".

The Nemesis' trajectory is set for the Academy, as Atsuka wishes to provide them with blueprints for the Dominant. He lands in the academy without clearance, much to Jun's dismay and desperation. Realizing this, the trio raise their hands to show that they are not hostile. Yamauchi and Miyamoto leave the tower to inspect. Little did the Black Devil know that a man was running towards him and, upon stopping, Kanaye bumps into him, knocking them both onto the asphalt. After a bit of bickering and situation explaining, the Silver Devil tells Atsuka that he could always look around him if he ever found himself in a tight spot. The later smiles, remarking that even the specialist could speak like a normal human once in a while. This, however, agitated him and the hireling hijacks a motorcycle and gives his regards to Mayu before running off. The bike happens to be Miyamoto's and she barks at him, furious. Before she gives chase, she is held back by Jun, who reminds her of their priorities and they proceed to interrogate the trio. Realizing that they had just committed a criminal offense, Atsuka apologizes and explains frantically the purpose of their visit. After clearing themselves, they are allowed within the facility where Professor Tanaka explains the basic theory behind the Dominant.

Hiro decides to return to the Academy, figuring that he would spend the nights before 'the most important day of his life' in his own bed. He informs the head mechanic about the work performed by Tsukishiro Electronics Industries on the Gladiator and notes the brilliance of the Dominant, saying that they ought to get some for all the other mechas. This made the Professor laugh at the irony, for he had just finished his presentation about the laser sword's mechanics. Those gathered at the facility went about their business, Hiro discussing with the mechanics; Atsuka helping Professor Tanaka carry components while wondering about the fate of the Genocide. Then, as everyone was getting ready to end their day, Hiro spots Mayu and asks if they've ever met. The girl replies by telling him that she was in the Academy two years ago and gives her name. Instantly, the cadet recalls her and they have a reunion chat before splitting ways. When Vector's master returns to the base and dismisses everyone from their working duties, the personnel start acting suspicious and seem as if planning something.

1440 minutes before Operation XIII, Masamichi wakes up in the hangars and notices that Yuki has gone off already, not attending the briefing. He learns later, from Nakamura, that the briefing itself has been canceled. When asked why, we are switched to Kanaye's view as he, amidst the chaos of evacuation and pockets of radiation seeping into the city, attempts to sneak into the Thirteen Devils' base, whose location he knew since he was formerly one of them. He gets inside only to find everyone missing and, moreover, it seemed that the workers left in quite a hurry, leaving valuable equipment behind. He proceeds down the hallways while examining various things, including the Devils' life habits, while looting some of . He is interrupted when he picks up the sound of helicopter rotors; he was not alone. He reaches for his pocket, only to realize that he was unarmed. Quietly and subtly, sticking to the wall, he moves closer to the sound and realizes that they were accompanied by mechas as well. He goes to the scene and witnesses that a third of the base was discontinued, or rather destroyed. In front of him was a large crater with a multitude of policemen going about their business collecting samples and evidence under the direction of Inspector Sonozaki. The detective informs him that the crater was the result of the devils getting rid of something they didn't want seen and also that, due to their disappearance, the plans for Operation XIII have gone obsolete. He then warns Kanaye that something dark was brewing about but dismisses it saying that 'it's not today's worry, nor tomorrow's'. Then, after having said what was to be said, the hireling returns to stock up in the PMCs where he bumps into Tachibana. He then goes to check up on the finalized version of the IR-20/K, known as the Equinox.

Atsuka upon waking up, is informed by Mayu that their food supplies need resupplying and requests that he go personally with her to do so. Albeit the Black Devil doesn't see the need to do so, the girl persisted in insisting and they leave together, Atsuka deciding to go to Roppongi Hospital while they were at it to visit Midori. They stop at a shop, where Mayu pressed that she go alone. Once inside, she asks the clerk for the item she ordered and pays him a hefty sum of 30,000¥. At her return, when asked about what she bought, she fiercely defends it's secrecy. Atsuka gives up on making her talk and they head to the hospital, linking hands as to not get separated in the massive crowds. Yuki, who was also at the area, shoved in between them and broke their hand lock. Turning back, both recognized each other and learn that they were heading towards the same destination. They visit Midori at room 207 and find out that she is expected to wake up the following day, much to the Black Devil's relief. Yuki asks of why she is in her condition and Atsuka hesitantly explains everything that happened: their identities and conflicts with the Thirteen Devils. Seeing one of such age involved in such an event brings flashbacks to the ex-policeman from the time of his parents' death. After a while, the trio decide to leave. The Black Devil lingers behind for a brief moment to return her her ribbon. Meanwhile, the mercenary heads down the hallway to bump into Aurica, breaking her glasses. As a compensation, he escorts her back to a nearby flower shop.

Upon their return to Vector's base, the workers start pondering about Atsuka unusually kind behaviour for the day, though they decide to let it be. Later that night, Mayu visits the Black Devil in his room and gives him the item she had bought earlier, which was actually a collector's edition of his favorite anime series when he was in junior high as a birthday present, surprising him as he had forgotten that it was his birthday. The girl then asks him if they could sleep together (just sleep, nothing else xD!) and a flustered Atsuka agrees.

May 19, D-Day for Operation XIII, early in the morning, Hiro receives a call from her mother who is in Scotland. He then proceeds down the hangars two hours later and initiates launch after a short briefing of their objectives. He notes that they aren't given any ceremony or speech, unlike the formal police force.

0700 hours, Masamichi, after making a concerned remark about the unfinished evacuation of civilians, rendezvous with Nakamura and Ryouhei in an asphalt field with Suzuka there to see him off. He apologizes to her, and is rid of all doubts when he sees her 'panacea' smile. They then head off to patrol the city skies at the same time the Academy Units start theirs under the command of Superintendant Sato.

On Vector's side of things, we are introduced to the couple: Kouichi and Ako. During their patrol, Atsuka receives word that Midori is awake. Upon hearing this, he rushes immediately to the hospital to meet her. After exchanging heartfelt words, the two part and the patrolling resumes.

Kanaye, in his turn, is sitting back in his mecha's cockpit and drinking soda. He flips open his cupholders and finds a box labeled 'miscellaneous junk'. In it was a headband and the hireling has a flashback to the day he received it from Tohru Aiyaka back in junior high, when she was trying to convince and encourage him to make friends and become a better person. He whispers to Tohru (himself actually, since he is alone), swearing that he will do his best to change and correct his mistakes.
He spots another item within the box: a handkerchief. When trying to remember who that was from, a pain filled his head, driving the PMC trooper to leave it for another time.

At 1015 hours, Asano finally shows himself in front of the Tokyo Sky Tree, with dozens of spotlights shining on him and makes his second speech. Then one by one, the remaining Thirteen Devils members come out of their hiding places; the first one being Akai, who leaps out of Tokyo Bay and slaughters all the civilians crossing the Rainbow Bridge. He is followed by Nila, who drops from high altitude and crushes a building as she lands; Murasaki, who flies through buildings in claw mode; and, finally, Silva, who slides along a river's surface before shooting up towards a bridge. Provoked, the ring of mechas that have formed around the tower prepare to shoot, but the Golden Devil tells them not to rush for he had a lot in store for their 'party' and that the time had not come for them to step on stage. Then, to the Police Force's horror, countless of IR-05 appear, pouring in from the outskirts of the city with more forces, accompanied by helicopters. With the assistance of the Japanese Air Force that have lingered behind on the mainland, a huge battle is fought. The enemy is shown to be extremely fanatical and relentless, even sacrificing themselves for Kin's cause. They also prove to be highly trained mercenaries. During all of this, Kanaye is still sitting back, observing as if it didn't concern him. The reason, however, is revealed as he rendezvous with Suzuka to deliver a railgun-mounted on an armoured lorry that she had ordered.
A long and fierce fight is fought. Albeit being outnumbered and overwhelmed at first, Tokyo's defenders eventually manage to hold their ground and start pushing the enemy back. Quality was winning against quantity; it wasn't long before the battle could be won…


Character RPer
Akai Chino Shinkirou
Akito Norman Irvine Yottacaliber
Ako Takagami Pled
Aoi Sorano Pled
Aurica Mayfield Pled, Ling
Atsuka Futami Pled
Cadets Stratocaster
Deputies Stratocaster
Deputy Headmaster Stratocaster
Genya Tsukishiro Shinkirou
Grey Fox Shinkirou, Pled
Hiro Otori Stratocaster
Investigator Sonozaki Shinkirou
Jun Yamauchi Stratocaster
Kanaye Suzaku Dark Angel Kai, later replaced by Shinkirou
Kin Asano Pled
Liner Rovick Pled
Masamichi Suzuki Shinkirou
Mayu Kotosaka Pled
Men in black Irvine Yottacaliber
Midori Furukawa Pled
Miscellaneous vector members Pled
Miyamoto-sensei Stratocaster
Murasaki Kizuno Ling
Kouichi Sagara Pled
Nakamura Shinkirou
Nila Hirth Stratocaster
Noki Hikari Pled, Ling
Police officers Shinkirou, Pled
Professional hirelings A&B Shinkirou
Ryouhei Shinkirou
Shion Norvano Pled
Shiro Fuyuno Pled
Silva Dark Angel Kai (later replaced by Shinkirou)
Suited man Shinkirou
Suzuka Tsukishiro Shinkirou
Tachibana Shinkirou
Tadao Stratocaster
The Headmaster Irvine Yottacaliber
Tohru Aiyaka Irvine Yottacaliber
Tom Matsumoto Shinkirou
Tsukishiro Ind. Workers Shinkirou, Ling
Yuki Uehara Ling

Phase 1.5

Phase 1.5 is the sequel to Phase 1 of the RP. It's naming comes from the fact that it was originally planned to be an expansion. However, it is now a phase of it's own although, the name remains unchanged because Shinkirou finds it catchy. The Phase is hinted to have a darker tone than the first, dealing with organized crimes and the criminal underworld. It will include a much greater amount of characters, more exploration of the lore, and a less simple plot. The story itself will be heavily mystery based, with the characters knowing very little of who they are defending against.


The RP takes place seventeen months after Operation XIII, an event that marked the end of the Thirteen Devils incident, when 13 terrorists ravaged Tokyo with their mechas. The city has long finished reconstructing and is flourishing once more; people are starting to overcome their losses and live life to it's fullest. Our heroes live peaceful days once more, some leading better lives due to their feats. However, cloaked by the tranquility, the gears of a sinister plan start to turn…

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