"I wanted to create an eldritch, bizarre, powerful creature that was so not of the world, it rejected it. A creature that was purely lovecraftian." -Shinkirou

The Messiah is a supernatural creature from the Bar RP. It doesn't really have a name but it is attributed the name "Messiah" due to Laig believing that the monstrosity is indeed the Messiah. It was created by Doctor Laig Scarlet using Object 1209 as a catalyst and was meant to let him gain control of time-space. It was of a bluish-violet glow and it's face was at the interior of its jaws. It was no wings and yet it flew, it had lymph fluid that traveled from it's main body to detached, yet floating pieces of flesh all over. It had one single yellow eye and let out a siren like sound accompanied by guttural sounds. The Messiah was protected by an anti-movement aura that destroyed anything that moved withing it (except for energy). However, that was not it's true power. In it's complete form, the powerful quantum brain waves emitted by this creature was so strong, it could bend the fabric of time-space to it's will. In other words, it could change the world according to it's image (basically, it could kill someone just by wishing it, raze cities by imaging it and etc). However, the Messiah never reached full maturity as Laig was too eager to release it. Only at prematurity and having only started to tap into it's powers, the incomplete Messiah was quick to decompose due to the lack of energy to sustain it.

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