Mike McClowsky

"My name I do not give out freely, nor perhaps my services. I live by my own rules… I'm a gunslinger… thats all you need to know." -Mike

"Mike began as an anonymous character known as "the gunslinger" and was never meant to be of any importance. He was meant to be just a random guy hanging in the bar. However, eventually, he started a plot and ended up being an important character in the story. He has got to be the most unique character I've ever roleplayed XD!" -Shinkirou, after re-reading the Bar RP

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Mike (formerly known as "the gunslinger") is a character from the Bar RP. He is a freelance gunslinger/bounty hunter that has professional skills with the gun. His favorite weapons are his revolver and his FN P90. He is the son of John McClowsky and is Alto's brother. He is roleplayed by Shinkirou


Mike was an orphan wandering in the streets. His father, who was a policeman, died on a plane crash in the mid-Atlantic. It is unknown what happened to his mother. He had nothing and survived by stealing whatever he needed. One day, hunger and fatigue took him and he collapsed in front of a church. He was found by Karen Crux who offered him hospitality. Ever since, he's been living in the care of her family. When he reached a certain age, he left being a freeloader and left the care of the Crux family to become a gunslinger.

Mike arrived at the Bar looking for people on his blacklist. While sitting down, he took a few sips of vodka and witnessed the chaos that happened in the bar. He kept a low profile, waiting his targets. He was prepared to leave when three criminals entered the bar, two of them were on his blacklist (although, he could not kill two and leave one alive). He killed two birds with one stone as he shot both of them in the head using one round and disabled the remaining one (who was killed by Kai). Later, he browsed through a list of bounties before finding one with an insane reward money. The target was of the name "Laig Scarlet" who turned out to be a mad scientist. An 4NG3L attacked the Bar and Mike shot at it only to find it regenerating the damage done. He ended up burning it to death by spilling alcohol throughout the floor and lighting it on fire.

Mike, needing back up (and bigger guns), called the Gunslinger Girl organization and ordered two fratellos as well as an FN P90. He then contacted Karen for aid but she was unable to help. Instead, she summoned Shinkirou. The fratellos arrived but only the girls remained. Mike and Stratocaster had to chose either Alto and 65 to be their protectors. Mike chose Alto since he wasn't comfortable with the emotionless type. From then on, several battles against the 4NG3Ls were fought.

After Laig summoned the Messiah and was betrayed by Dodici, the gunslinger followed the scientist into his lair. As he went deep into the ocean, Mike started to be aware of his location and suspected that it was the exact place where his father died. As he confronted Laig, it is revealed to him that his father survived the crash and found it's way into the lair. His father, who was a man of ethnics, rebuked the scientist's experiments and rose to challenge him. Laig, displeased with all the talk about morality, killed the policeman. Hearing this, Mike proceeded to avenge his father. The two have a projectile duel: the gunslinger shot with his revolver, the scientist used his electricity plasmids. As the battle went on, it became evident that the place was falling apart. In the end, Mike shoots Laig in the head at point range as a beam of water distracted him. Not long after, the lair collapsed. However, at the last moment, Shinkirou brought him to the surface, saving him from a watery death. It turned out that Karen was the one who sent him after seeing a premonition.

Mike joined the battle against the Hex-Chimera but failed to do much. After Uendi's massacring of the Gunslinger Girl organization, Mike adopted Alto as his little sister while recalling how Karen saved him. During the infestation of the Church, Mike went and saved her as she was overwhelmed by demons. He introduces Alto as his little sister to the paladin.
Mike is currently across the plains of Oblivion.


"You call that a weapon?" -While spinning his revolver at the sight of Kai using a table as a weapon.

"Damned ocular implants!" -Commenting at the Gunslinger Girls' superhuman perception

"I'm going to have to stock up on some Uzis" -After defeating the first 4NG3L

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