Object 1209

Object 1209 is a bio-artifact that is a key object to the plot in the Bar RP. It is the largest of the 1210 Objects (refer to EDEN) and has developed strange abilities of it's own. Because of this, many characters have been seeking it. It is a living crystal (it breathes and throbs) that can grow legs. What differentiates this particular object from the rest is not only it's power but the fact that it seems to have a mind of it's own, as if it was sentient.

The object started out simply being a powerful bio-artifact needed by Doctor Laig Scarlet to complete his Messiah. Due to the unique trace of it's radiation, the mad scientist was able to track it back into the bar. The warriors within fought valiantly to protect it. The first demonstration of it's power is when it turned the corpse of the Cherubim into the Necro Cherubim with it's radiation. During the 4NG3L's fight with Shinkirou, the object was secretly taken away by Laig. Unbeknown to the doctor, however, a piece of the Object voluntarily broke off and crawled its was into the Colossus' body. After the beast's defeat, the shard was retrieved and buried itself into Dark Angel Kai. Since then, the Dark Angel's power seemed to magically replenish. Using the main body of the object, the mad scientist created the premature Messiah which was killed by Dark Angel Jormun.

Later, a group of gunslinger girls were sent to investigate a remaining piece of Object 1209. The fragment's radiation caused the girls to go insane and murder themselves. Having learned the full extent of the fragment's nature and capabilities, Uendi takes it and vanishes with it. The other fragment is still inside of Kai and is the only thing keeping EDEN from reforming.

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