Saber (class)

Class Introduction

The Saber class is one of the seven Servant classes which may be summoned in order to fight in the Holy Grail War. A heroic spirit summoned into this class gains no specific bonuses whilst sacrificing nothing either. In this way the Saber class is quite unique and due to its balanced nature it has long been considered the strongest and most reliable of the seven classes.

The Saber class is one of the three 'Knight' classes, the others being Archer and Lancer. Saber, representing the traditional knight image, is the knight of swords and servants summoned into this class usually are either famed for their swordsmanship or wield a legendary blade.

Notably Saber class servants have decent Agility and Strength whilst often lacking in Mana and Luck when compared to some other classes. It should be noted that this is not dependent on the class itself, which has balanced stats , but merely that these traits are common to most Saber class candidates.

Fitting with the ideal of the mounted knight in armour, the Saber class possesses the same 'Riding' skill as the Rider class, and so may be proficient with various mounts, albeit to a lesser extent.

Class Skills

Riding: Allows for the use of various 'mounts' ranging from horses to mythical beasts to mechanical vehicles such as motorbikes, depending on skill rating. Certain variations of this skill may allow use of more alternative mounts such as rollerblades without ever having to be trained in the use of these vehicles.

Magic Resistance: A passive skill common to all 'Knight' servant classes and The Rider . The higher this rating the more powerful a spell must be before it may harm the servant. For example, a servant with rank A, Magic Resistance, such as Arturia Pendragon, cannot be harmed by the rank A, spells contained in Tohsaka Rin's jewels. If the spell was ranked A+ or above, it would be able to harm this servant.

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