Saber (individual)

"I… You're right, Master. Sometimes… It is difficult to be a good knight… Sometimes I wonder if I even deserve the title at all…" -William Wallace


Saber is a fictional character from the Kawaii Heavens , Fate/Sixth War RP. or Fate/ Sixth War Remake Roleplay in the Fate/Stay Night series originally by TYPE-MOON.

Servant to the apprentice magus Edward McDowell, Saber is large and powerfully built and more than once has been referred to as a giant of a man. A warrior of the past who wields a gigantic two-handed sword as his primary weapon. Determined and brave. He speaks his mind only when spoken to. He has a strong sense of justice and great charisma. Brutal and fierce in battle. Being of the Saber class, this servant has well balanced statistics on the whole but, through the nature of his character, favours strength. Saber is generally pleased with his master's ability and being of the same nationality and having similar personalities has caused servant and master to form a friendship relatively quickly.
Whilst seeming charismatic and brave on the exterior he is beset by internal troubles which can swell into turmoil. This is fueled by his self-doubt in the knowledge of his failure during his lifetime and the fact that he is severely outclassed by at least two of the servants present. This counterproductive tendency causes various setbacks for Edward and Saber throughout the early stages of the Holy Grail War.

Status and Stats


Profile: Servant: Saber
Master: Edward McDowell Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good Height: 202 cm
Noble Phantasm: A Weight: 120 kg
Strength: A Magic Resistance: C+
Endurance: A Riding: B-
Agility: C Instinct: B+
Mana: C Charisma: B+
Luck: C Woad: N/A (EX)
Fame: B Nemesis: Lancer-individual, Assassin-individual
Overall: B=

Skills and Abilities

Magic Resistance

Rank: C+
Cancels any spell of magic of C+ -rank or below. Renders all magic of 2 verses or less ineffective and may weaken the effect of 3 line verses. Insufficient to defend against greater magic or ritual magic on the whole. the 'Woad' skill may be responsible for increasing this from C to C+.


Rank: B-
Ability to ride vehicles and mounts. At this level one is proficient with many types of mount though not of the mythical beast ranks. Makes for an exceptional horseman at least.


Rank: B+
A battlefield survival skill. The ability to sense how best to respond in combat situations, similar to reflex. This form of sixth sense has been well tempered and may reduce by 1/3 any obstacles to vision and hearing. Allows for the sensing of threatening presences even when deprived of sight or hearing by combining the remaining senses more effectively.


Rank: B+
A valuable talent. Allows the possessor of this skill to control and influence others, be it as a commander or as a ruler. Better charisma allows one to command a larger number of people to do greater things. B rank is enough to rule a country, but uniting one that was divided into a hundred warring clans requires a man of even greater character, as in this case.


Rank: N/A (EX)
A passive skill unique to but a few Heroic spirits. It cannot be ranked as it is of equal strength in all these cases. It is the characteristic blue war paint sported by warriors of Pictish origin ( Historically inaccurate but widely believed) through to the middle ages. In itself it has forgotten magical properties. Tapping into this power allows the wearer to surpass the strength and speed barriers of the mortal body when blood adrenaline levels reach a certain level.

Noble Phantasms

Stirling - Moment of victory, Eternally Preserved

Type: Support

Rank: A

Saber's ultimate Noble Phantasm. By combining the memories of both master and servant 3 Dimensional image of the battlefield at Stirling Bridge, Scotland, is produced. This image can then be made real via an infusion of mana from the master. The content of this reality marble is primarily sourced from Saber's memories of the aftermath of the Battle of Stirling, where, about an hour after the victory was won, he stood upon a hillock and surveyed the scene of his great victory. He vowed to commit this scene, this one joyous moment, filled with hope to memory, never to be forgotten. This snapshot memory is remarkably potent. Somehow, utilizing his connection with that same area in the modern day and his close connection to Saber, Edward McDowell is able to provide the required mana to solidify the image into a reality marble. A timeless landscape which is eternally frozen outside of the flow of time at the 11th of September 1297. As a result, it would be possible to spend any length of time within this Reality Marble and return to the present at the exact moment one entered the marble.
Due to its unique nature it is impossible to calculate how much mana is required to sustain this Phantasm and prevent the world from crushing it. It need be sustained for no time at all in the present. Nor does it disrupt the continuity of time being a frozen moment that has already come to pass.

When fighting within this Reality Marble Saber receives significant terrain bonuses to his Strength, Endurance, Agility and Luck Stats. This phantasm must be activated in order to use 'Guardian of Scotland and Leader of its Armies'. When within this Reality Marble Saber and all units allied to Saber gain maximum morale, no matter the tide of battle.

Guardian of Scotland and Leader of its Armies - The Hammer of the English

Type: Anti-Army

Rank: A

When upon the field of his first and most glorious victory, Saber may call fourth the warrior clansmen of Scotland to rally unto his banner. These fierce soldiers wield large swords, axes and pikes and attack in vicious charges that may often cause the foe to rout in fear. These soldiers are summoned to a battlefield during the time in which they were living, hence they are living in that moment and so receive both the bonuses and suffer the penalties associated with this status. All soldiers summoned have unlimited morale due to the Stirling Reality Marble. All soldiers also posses the 'Woad' Skill. (See above)

Braveheart - The Six Feet of Steel that Remains Intact to this Day. ( The Mistaken Greatsword )

Type: Anti-Unit

Rank: B+

Saber's primary weapon is this nameless greatsword which has acquired the name 'Braveheart' since Saber originally used it during his lifetime.
There is an existing weapon that remains intact and functional in the present which has been credited as this same sword for centuries. However Saber later confirms that his sword was destroyed upon his death and so the sword referred to as ’The Wallas Sword' is, in fact, a false interpretation of a later German sword.
Despite this, the existence of the, false, sword has resulted in lasting interest in the weapon. The people fascinated by the size of this weapon have long revered it and it has helped to keep the William Wallace's Legend alive throughout the generations. This continuing belief in the existence of this sword and the symbolic status it has acquired has resulted in the power of the original being magnified accordingly, thus turning what Wallace believed to be a reliable old sword into a thing of legend with power of its own.
By calling the sword by the name 'Braveheart' Saber is able to unlock the power that has been instilled in it over the centuries. It is said that the blade carries the weight of a nation behind its swing and cuts will the will of all Scotsmen as a symbol of freedom and pride.

True Identity

Saber and Edward are initially able to keep Saber's Identity a secret, even from Lancer's Crows by remaining indoors whilst they made their pact and plans. However upon their first encounter with Lancer, having been lured to the temple at Ryudouji by the Einherjar, Saber is forced, on his honour, to reveal his identity when Lancer openly announces his own identity.

Saber is, of course Scottish National Hero : William Wallace.

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