"I am the eidolon of my will, boundless are my wings and eldritch is my flight. I have created over a thousand worlds, unknown to fiction nor known to reality. Have withstood anguish to create the kaleidoscope of chronicles. All my life was…Phantasmagoria" -Shinkirou's 'Phantasmagoria', phrased in the same manner as Unlimited Blade Works

Shinkirou is the moderator of the KH Roleplaying boards as well as admin of this site. He has a fondness for writing and literature. He is also a roleplay addict and has the ability to cross and create worlds (an ability which is passed to other RPers). His name is a romanization of the japanese word "蜃気楼" which means "mirage". He is quite insane (and is very aware of this). He is a little too carefree for his own good and has a tendency to fall asleep while posting. He is quite fond of trench coats. He has an assistant called Reinforce II.

Note: This article is about the member "Shinkirou". If you were looking for the Bar RP character, please refer to Shinkirou (Bar RP)

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