Shinkirou (Bar RP)

"Good day, gentlemen, my name is Miragael but I prefer to be called Shinkirou."

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Shinkirou is a character from the Bar RP. He has white hair and wears a khaki trench coat. He tries to be as polite as possible when he speaks. A laid-back figure, he carries an omnipresent smile most of the time. He is quite fond of whiskey and brandy although he refrains from drinking too much alcohol. His real name is Miragael but he is better known and prefers to be called Shinkirou. He is a Seraphim that was demoted due to having flirted with a girl at some point in his life. He had lost all of his powers as a Seraphim but he has the ability to summon his past six wings (that replace his present pair) which give him a boost in power and in velocity. He can form a barrier which repels almost any attacks. This barrier is so hard, enemies injure themselves due to the shock. Upon shattering (which happens if it takes a huge blow while not fully formed), it explodes and does damage to both Shinkirou and the attacker. He has rapid auto-regeneration and is most powerful at healing wounds. He has a spell card which enables him to use "Final Spark", a beam of rainbow colored lights about 5m in diameter. Other abilities includes teleporting and etc. His main weapon is a longsword but his offensive abilities are quite low without his spell card. He is the Bar RP incarnation of Shinkirou.


Shinkirou was summoned by Karen to aid the men at the bar fight against Laig Scarlet. He arrived shortly before the Cherubim arrived at the Bar, causing a time-freeze. Kai, Forbesii and Eustoma were unaffected by the stasis but were too drunk to notice the danger. The creature walked down into the cellars to collect Object 1209 before being stopped by Shinkirou. The beast lashed at the angel but could not overcome his impeccable defense. The creature was slain as the ex-seraphim teleported itself in front of it, stabbing it in the face. The trench coat clad figure rose upstairs to help himself with some jack daniels. As another wave of 4NG3Ls arrived, the angel proved to bequite talented at dispatching the creatures. However, things didn't go so easily as the Necro Cherubim emerged from the cellars. The angel put up his barrier and attempted to halt the charging beast. He was forced to unfold his wings to take the brunt of the blow. While in the mortal realm, he wanted to show his wings the least as possible but there was no helping it. The undead creature was pushed back several times but would just lunge again. Stratocaster tried hamstringing the beast but failed and was launched into a table. Distracted for a millisecond, Shinkirou's shield weakened, allowing the colossus send him crashing through the window. Shards stabbed into him but he rapidly regenerated. He then went on to heal the other fighters. As the beast prepared to strike at Mike, the angel teleported in between. However, the barrier didn't have time to solidify and, as a result, burst from the impact, blowing off the colossus' hand and sending him stumbling backwards. Something fell out of the angel's pocket and he found out that he did have his spellcard. As Stratocaster kept the monstrosity occupied, Shinkirou blasted the beast into bits with the "Final Spark".

Later, Dark Angel Hiak entered the bar in order to kill Kai. Joining the fray, Shinkirou challenged the intruder. An agile fight broke out, both of them teleporting here and there and darting around the place at rapid speed. It was a stalemate: the ex-seraphim's offense was to low to harm his opponent but his defenses we too strong to overcome. However, Hiak pulled out his instruments (similar to the ones later used by Uendi) that he used to paralyze Stratocaster and materialize a cursed blade that could knock an enemy unconscious by the touch. Forced to rely on speed, Shinkirou had to reveal his trump card and his identity as a demoted seraphim as he summoned his six wings. Boosting him like thrusters, the angel engaged the enemy. However, he was in disadvantage due to the sudden change in fighting style (relying on agility rather than defense). He decided to take a chance and, as Hiak stabbed him with his blade, the ex-seraphim used his Final Spark. The beam only started forming but it was enough to blast a large hole into the Dark Angel's abdomen. He fell unconscious due to the blade's effects, leaving Kai to finish him off.

When Dodici betrayed Laig Scarlet, two dark angels appeared alongside the puppet master. One of them was Dark Angel Atzor, a past comrade of Shinkirou's. The two teleported into a barren desert where they had a duel. Aztor obtained the cursed bardiche: Trangr Ael Zest. It was capable of piercing any defense, including the angel's. The ex-seraphim's former comrade told Shinkirou to become a Dark Angel to get rid of his bounds. As a masterless dark angel, he would be able to do anything he pleased. However, the angel refused, disgusted at the offer. The angel rammed himself into the enemy's weapon, causing his opponent to fall back (and get separated from his weapon). Seizing his longsword, Shinkirou cut Aztor in half.

Following the revealing of Doctor Sonata's true identity as the puppet mistress, Shinkirou appeared to the rescue as Uendi was about to kill the two girls. However, the angel was stabbed by an instrument and his link to the Astral Line was severed. Due to this, the ex-seraphim has since been unable to use his powers at all. The puppet mistress escaped unharmed. After the infestation of the Saint Church, Shinkirou, along with Kai fought off the legions of demons while the others remained inside. He was able to clear the legions using the Final Spark (since it was a spellcard and didn't need his power). After most of the demons were taken care of, he headed inside, using pure swordsmanship to kill the demons. He fought his way to Stratocaster and the rest of the group but didn't join them in the Oblivion Plains as he sensed Uendi nearby and went to challenge her. However, he was overwhelmed by her arsenal and was left to die atop the building. Unable to heal himself and suffering a heavily hemorrhaging wound, he is starting to bleed to death. His fate has yet to be known.


"Reflect upon your actions. If you seek forgiveness, you'll be given a new start. From then on, you can try fixing your path. Come back one day after you've succeeded." -After defeating Dark Angel Aztor

"En guard, Hiak, I will make you feel the brandished light of heaven!"

"You will speak of your achievements after you achieve them! You have killed no bird as long as I remain breathing!"

"Everything in this world has a consequence. In that way, there is a balance in this world. Those who cannot comply with this are nothing but spoiled children."

Note: This article is about the Bar RP character. If you are looking for the RPer, please refer to Shinkirou (RPer).

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