Stratocaster is an honorable RPer of Kawaii Heavens and possibly the most chilvarous individual in the forums. He is an active RPer and has joined all RPs due to his "Any roleplay is a good roleplay" policy though he had dropped out from the Mage Academy RP a while ago due to lack of inspiration. He is the Captain of the Knights of the Round Orange and is extremely loyal to Lady Kaede. He has recently developed a remarkable skill for writing that surpasses any other RPer. His name comes from the Fender Stratocaster, an electric guitar model and, respectively, he seems to be rather adept at the guitar.
He had stated that he hated MSN Messenger with every inch of his heart although his reasons are unknown.

Stratocaster's Wikidot account is 'DesktopSamurai', just in case you were confused.

Note: This article is about the member "Stratocaster". If you were looking for the Bar RP character, please refer to Stratocaster (Bar RP)

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