Stratocaster (Bar RP)

"A souped up me but nothing more than that. He's human and so he's staying within those limits." -Stratocaster

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Stratocaster is a character from the Bar RP. He is a young knight of the KKK and has a passion for swords. Stratocaster is a swordsman by class. He serves as Captain of the Knights of the Round orange and Sharp Boxcutter and his favorite weapon is a Claymore. He is armed with this sword and a Blessed Boxcutter of Kaede which he uses on occasions. He never parts from his sword, and so has developed good skill with it. Stratocaster (the RPer) said, in his post, that, swordsmanship wise, on a scale of 0-10 where Saber is 11 and Shirou is about 3 or 4 he would be about 7 or 8. He usually wears light leather armour or normal, casual clothing. He accompanies the other characters throughout almost every fight. He is paired with 65 and is usually always the most psychologically controlled in times of danger. He has recently been given a Levistone by Shinkirou although it's purpose is unknown. He is the Bar RP incarnation of Stratocaster.


Stratocaster, the Captain of the Knights of the Round Orange, decided to enter the bar on a whim, seeing the damage done by the Dark Angel Kai. Being underage, he settled for coca-cola. After the first two 4NG3L attacks, he concluded, judging from the fact that Object 1209 was in their current location, that it'd be best to stay in the bar, keeping the enemy's conversion point the same and to defend the position until they have gained a better grasp of the situation. To help in this endeavor, Mike called for gunslinger girls and the young knight captain was paired with 65 in order to fight the 4NG3Ls. Meanwhile, he held a drinking contest for Forbesii, Eustoma and Kai though this was irrelevant to the plot (or was it?).
During the fourth wave of 4NG3Ls, he showed great skill in the art of swordsmanship and felled many of the mutants. Not long later, the immense Necro Cherubim came crashing in from the cellars. As the ex-Seraphim, Shinkirou, used his barrier to hold off the beast, Stratocaster decided to try and hamstring the colossus. This attempt proved to be in vain as the creature lashed him away with its tail. He was later healed by the angel and, as the foul beast closed in on the later, he ran up and hacked at the monstrocity's tail in a frenzy, severing it and claiming his revenge not long before the colossus was blown to pieces by Shinkirou.
A while later, during the fight with Dark Angel Hiak, Stratocaster, finding out that his claymore did little damage, pulled out his Blessed Boxcutter of Kaede. Blessed by the orange mistress, the blade was light yet sharper than any sword. It was able to severely injure Hiak, prompting him to start using his instruments. The knight was later paralyzed by one of the instruments. However, the Dark Angel was soon defeated by Kai and the effects wore off. Stratocaster then stabbed Hiak in the back, giving the coup de grace.

Following that, various events occurred although the plot mainly revolved around Kai and Dodici. The brave knight fought valiantly against the Hex-Chimera (as did most of the group). Stratocaster verbally confronted the Dark Angel Kai after Uendi's massacre of the gunslinger girls due to the dark angel seemingly only caring about alcohol at the time. Whether or not this argument had any impact at all is unknown. Following that, Stratocaster was one of the first volunteers to go to the church where the puppet mistress had laid siege upon. Along with 65, he fought through corridors of demons before being joined by Alto, Mike and Karen who reveal that the last demon gate was linked to the Oblivion plains and that the only way to close it was by removing the sigil stone. Thus the group, Stratocaster being the "point man", entered inside.


"This think hardly looks living to kill!" -Upon seeing the mutated corpse of the undead Cherubim

"Damn, I guess Hamstringing it really doesn't work…"

"Haha!! Sweet revenge!!"

"Welcome to hell" -Upon entering Oblivion

Note: This article is about the Bar RP character. If you are looking for the RPer, please refer to Stratocaster (RPer).

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