Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

The Tokyo MetropolitanPolice Department is an organized collection of forces within the Mecha RP. It is the main body that composes all police activity within the capital city of Tokyo. It is the dominant and prime leader of the United Japanese Police Associations and is considered the key to Tokyo's success in keeping a peaceful city albeit the ever-growing civil unrest. As the Malthusian Crisis escalated, the city's military, as with all militaries worldwide, were busy fighting wars and defending their homeland. However, no country's armies are without flaws and while rivaling countries were kept at bay, rogues, terrorists and outlaws found a haven within the populace. Originally created to maintain order within the city as global civil unrest began to sprout and intensify, the UJPA had proved excellent at keeping these invaders at check. The most powerful, notable and successful of all Police Forces was that which belonged to Tokyo. Suppressing everything with an absurd amount of firepower, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has managed to clean the city of all of the above threats and maintain order and discipline within their city.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department employs a high amount of armaments including mechas (most notably those from the ASRF Series and others). It is the Police Force with the highest amount of mecha usage worldwide. Even a standard, non-elite policeman has clearance to pilot one. Each officer carries a handgun as well as a tazer. Knife proof vests, riot shields and a wide variety of less-lethal-weapons make up their auxiliary equipment. Larger weapons such as submachine guns are scarcely used but, only recently, some academies have begun to teach their students how to operate these deadlier firearms.


The Tokyo Police is renown for it's highly organized structure which grants it it's mobility and control over situations. It's sophisticated Combat Information Control (which collects and sorts datas from various reports by either civilians or scouts) sends vast amounts of sorted information to operators who then patch them through to different branches (depending on the type of case) where they are assigned to members. These members make their way to the site via the shortest route available using elaborated GPS guidance. Real time updates are given to each officer and a vast communication system allows them to easily formulate and organize plans.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is composed of different branches specialized in different types of operations. Known branches include:

Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division: The Cataclysm Division is the most heavily armed of all branches. Almost always on standby, only sortieing in worst case scenarios, they specialize in dealing with special large scale cases where the potential degree of disaster can very well mean the end of Japan. These are equipped with armament equivalent in firepower as those used in the military. Just the division alone is superior in deadly force to every other division merged together. Preventing large scale disasters are their top priority.
Notable RP characters in this division:

Tokyo Police Riot Division: The Riot Division is one of the main branches of the Tokyo Police, the reason being that it deals with cases which happen almost every day. They are tasked with maintaining order with the city and ridding it of troublemakers. They constantly hover over the skies with their mechas, looking out for those who disturb the peace. Using mechas and other heavy arms, they push away riots and take care of unidentified mechas. They are also charged with pursuing and hunting down fleeing criminals. The Riot Division is in turn divided into the Armoured Regiment (mecha pilots) and the Foot Regiment (those that do riot control on foot). Note that policemen can be changed between regiments in the riot division.
Notable RP characters in this division:
Masamichi Suzuki

Tokyo Police Felony Division: The Felony Division is the branch that deals with crimes which include, but are not limited to: aggravated assault and/or battery, arson, burglary, illegal drug abuse/sales, embezzlement, treason, espionage, racketeering, robbery, murder, rape, kidnapping and fraud. They are highly skilled in fighting on foot and use a wide variety of firearms and less-lethal-weapons. Investigations of all forms are performed by this division. It is similar to the modern day Police Force. The felony division is in turn divided into the Judiciary Regiment and Investigatiory Regiment. The Judiciary Regiments are present on field, are there to aid the people, assist against threats and protect the laws. The Investigatory is there to conduct detective activities on crime scenes; assessing the nature, cause for a crime; and finding the one responsible, if not already found.
Notable RP characters in this division:
Investigator Sonozaki

Priviledged policemen may be given equipment or rights that aren't of their field, provided that they have the appropriate license.

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