Toraguchi Air Raid

The Toraguchi Air Raid (虎口空襲 Toraguchi Kuushyuu) was an attack by former Japanese Navy commander, Major Koreyoshi Toraguchi and his air squadron of AX-95/A on the city of Tokyo on December 7th 2069. The attack consisted of 53 mechas launched from two aircraft cruisers and brought about the deaths of 337 people of which 41 were military personnel, 135 were terrorists and 161 were civilians. None of the terrorists survived the incident.

The attack was planned two weeks prior when Major Koreyoshi Toraguchi of the Japanese Navy's rear-guard defected against it for reasons undisclosed by the media. During that time, the fleet's rear-admiral, Mitsuo Genda had noticed that the major's flotilla had detached from the rest of the group but, due to their condition, declared them as M.I.A. and carried on, when they were actually A.W.O.L.

Toraguchi's fleet advanced to the north of the Sea of Japan and made their way to the Pacific Ocean. It is said that the major might have struck a deal with the British Royal Navy in order to get safe passage. Once within Kanto's range, Toraguchi sent out his 53 AX-95/As and went straight for the capital metropolis of Tokyo. Along the way, they ambushed two areal squadrons of the Japanese Military consisting of twelve mechas each and annihilated them with superior numbers. The latter squadron managed to escape utter elimination and three pilots manage to escape alive. These warned their HQ, who dispatched whatever mechas that haven't gone overseas yet: 42 mechas, 58% being composed of cadets and instructors. These managed to intercept the attack and wipe out most of the attackers at the price of 47.6% casualty. The rest of Toraguchi's squadron penetrated the city only to be disposed of by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. They managed to claim 161 lives, however.

The remaining forces of the Japanese Military flew eastwards to find the source of the attacks and discovered the flotilla. With no mechas whatsoever, they quickly fell to the military's own AX-95/As.

In the aftermath of the incident, not a single terrorist survived. They were mostly killed in battle or, refusing surrender, blew themselves up using grenades. Those that were captured were publicly executed at December 15th 2069. Major Koreyoshi Toraguchi himself committed sepukku in the court during martial trial.

Japanese military trainee, Masamichi Suzuki was credited for having shot down 7 terrorist AX-95/As with his own and was qualified an Ace Pilot.

Rear Admiral Mitsuo Genda was found assassinated in his cabin December 14th 2069, six days after the attack.

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