"That's right, I'll obtain omnipotence and not you, nor your allies nor any existing being or force will stop me! I'm not yielding a single inch of the future which I've created! I'll drag God off his heavenly throne!" -Uendi, after defeating Shinkirou


Uendi is a main villain from the Bar RP. She is a powerful bioalchemist that seeks to find omnipotence. Older sister of Dodici, she is known as the puppet mistress. She employs a wide variety of instruments to deal with her foes. She is also the one who created the mechanical 4NG3Ls. While her brother uses magic and weaponry, Uendi uses science and alchemy to deal with her needs. Albeit being human, she has been proven capable of taking down celestial beings with ease. She disguises herself as Dr. Sonata to fool those around her. Her ultimate purpose in the current plot is to restore EDEN and obtain omnipotence. Her name means 11 (while Dodici means 12). She is roleplayed by Shinkirou.


Dr. Sonata arrived with a group of gunslinger girls to investigate not Object 1209 but what it left behind (which was "classified"). During the first night of their stay, a gunshot was heard and the group rushed down to find one of the girls dead, having commit suicide. During the second day, Mechanical 4NG3Ls infiltrated the bar and started fighting the group. During the fight, Lily, the smartest (problem solving-wise) of the gunslinger girls, was sent flying as she received a kick from the metallic mutation. Getting up from the fall, she prepared to rejoin the battle when something caught her curious eyes. It was a document that one of the girls had dropped during an investigation. She quickly looked through it and found something shocking. Matching the files with her own reports, she stared in horror of the terrible truth that she had discovered. Then, terror seized her as she noticed a person reading over her shoulders with a sadistic smile. Lily was later discovered in the cellars as a bloody skeleton: her skin, flesh, ligaments and organs have all been stripped off and scattered across the floor.
Ezra, a close friend of Lily's became overly depressed and delusional. The group tried to comfort her but to no avail. The girl eventually snapped and took Mike's P90, blindly shooting across the bar. Kai quickly grabbed the gun and knocked the girl unconscious. He pointed the gun at Dr. Sonata, claiming that she may be a traitor. However, there was no evidence to back him up and a bit of Shark Killer issues made him soon forget about it. This accusation didn't leave traceless though as Alto soon also became suspicious of Dr. Sonata's motives. While the gunslinger girls were sent to the cellars to protect the remnants of Object 1209, Alto followed from behind. This was a wise move as, soon, exposed to the object's radiation, the girls went berserk and slaughtered each other. The only remaining ones were Alto and 65. The later, unable to bear all the events, went berserk in turn but was stopped as the other girl held her in a tight embrace (being stabbed in the process). Alto stared grimly as Dr. Sonata walked down the stairs, revealing her true identity as the puppet mistress, Uendi. She was about to murder the girls before being stopped by Shinkirou who had arrived to the rescue. Using a dart-like instrument, Uendi severed the angel's link to the Astral Line, depleting him of his powers. She then reveals her plot to restore EDEN, the location where the lost technology was sealed, and leaves.

Shinkirou and Mike accompanied Alto as she returned to her organization to report of the tragedy. Upon their arrival, it is discovered that Uendi had already killed the entire organization, manipulating their corpses to give out her missions. Back at the bar, Kai informs the group of the keys that are needed to break EDEN's seal and restore it. Those keys turned out to be the objects.
Later that night, Uendi infiltrates the Saint Church, stealing the 1208th object. She is confronted by Karen and it is revealed that the two had known each other in their childhood. The paladin engages her in combat but is quickly defeated by the many instruments. The puppet mistress leaves while opening two portals in the room (as well as a third, unique one in a separate room) before taking her leave. Demons start pouring out of the three gates. The group at the bar receive news of this and quickly go to the scene, clearing out demons and destroying the first two gates. However, the third gate is a special one and will only shut down if the party goes inside and remove the sigil stone. Most of the group goes in excluding Shinkirou who senses Uendi nearby (about a few kilometers away) and goes to fight her. Unfortunately, he is overwhelmed by her power and, without his link to the Astral Line, is left on the roof of a building to die. The puppet mistress then floats up into the sky, 1209 objects revolving around her as a dark silhouette of EDEN appears in the sky…

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